Published: Wed, July 12, 2017
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Tomlinson leads $6M reconstruction of Ottawa Airport taxiway

Tomlinson leads $6M reconstruction of Ottawa Airport taxiway

In what one aviation expert called a near-miss of what could have been the largest aviation disaster ever, an Air Canada pilot narrowly avoided a tragic mistake: landing on the San Francisco International Airport taxiway instead of the appropriate runway.

The Air Canada Airbus A320 was cleared to land at a runway at San Francisco worldwide airport on Friday and the pilot began descending toward one of the taxiways, where four aircraft were waiting to take off. The story notes that "four airplanes full of passengers and fuel" were parked on the taxiway waiting to take off, and all of them could have been destroyed if the A320 had in fact tried to land there.

The Air Canada pilot can be heard asking if he's clear to land, given that he can see other lights on the runway. At this point, the air traffic controller realised that something was amiss and asked the Air Canada flight to go for a go around - abort his current landing attempt and circle the airport in order to line up for another landing.

Via ABC 7 we get the following statement issued Monday by Air Canada: "Air Canada flight AC759 from Toronto was preparing to land at SFO Friday night when the aircraft initiated a go-around".

"The FAA is investigating the distance between the Air Canada aircraft and the jets that were lined up on taxiway C", the agency says. "If you could imagine an Airbus colliding with four passenger aircraft wide bodies, full of fuel and passengers, then you can imagine how horrific this could have been". There is no one on 28R but you.

India head coach appointment put on hold
Shastri was the Team Director of India for close to two years and he is said to have Kohli's backing for the head coach role. We need to talk to a few other people, especially the captain Virat Kohli . "He is in America at the moment", said Ganguly.

A section of taxiway bravo, which connects the airport's main west-facing runway to the terminal, is undergoing a $6 million reconstruction.

Captain Aimer said that if the tower hadn't been able to swiftly redirect the Air Canada plane, disaster would have followed.

"Yeah, I saw that guys", responded the air controller.

Aimer added that the incident had become the talk of pilots everywhere.

"Where is this guy going? We are still investigating the circumstances". Flight patterns and overheard noise and traffic for communities surrounding the airport will be affected accordingly.

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