Published: Mon, July 10, 2017
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President Trump declares that Mexico should "absolutely" pay for border wall

President Trump declares that Mexico should

Sitting right next to Nieto, Trump was asked by a reporter, "Do you still want Mexico to pay for the wall?" He also said that Nieto "did not hear" Trump's remark that Mexico should still "absolutely" pay for the wall.

Does he still plan to build the wall - and does he still want Mexico to pay for it, reporters wondered. "It was not subject of the conversation".

"Both sides had a prior agreement that the issue would not be on the agenda". As journalists were briefly allowed in to witness part of the meeting, Trump said that he and Putin had already held "very, very good talks".

But Pea Nieto has previously made it clear his country won't foot the bill for the massive project.

The real battle for funding will take place for the next budget, the year 2018, which will begin on October 1st.

Estimates say the border barrier will cost billions of dollars. It is at least clear that Mexico will not be paying upfront.

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US-Mexican relations have been strained since Mr Trump won the presidency in November.

In January, Pena Nieto cancelled a trip to Washington in response to Trump's insistence on the issue, plunging the countries' relations into their biggest crisis in decades. Trump said that during the meeting the two leaders discussed trade policy, specifically NAFTA renegotiations.

The two leaders met recently on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Hamburg, Germany.

Mexico has repeatedly insisted it would not pay for such a wall, a proposal that won Trump some of his loudest applause during his campaign.

"We look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for Russian Federation and the United States", Trump said. Trump said he thinks the USA and Mexico have "made very good progress".

Pena Nieto, whom Trump called his "friend", said the meeting would "help us continue a very strong dialogue" on NAFTA, while his aides emphasized that they had not discussed the wall.

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