Published: Sat, July 08, 2017
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Swinging, Web-Slinging, and Occasionally Dancing: The Cinematic Saga of Spider-Man

Swinging, Web-Slinging, and Occasionally Dancing: The Cinematic Saga of Spider-Man

He's not rich, he doesn't have powers, he's just his buddy, who knows he's Spider-Man, and wants to help. Despite being a superhero extravaganza with all the special effects and hype that goes with that, it nevertheless is filled with humor, heart, and more than its fair share of surprises. Yet coming after the two Andrew Garfield "Spider-Man" films, which were the definition of super-forgettable competence, the movie is just distinctive enough, in concept and execution, to connect and become a sizable hit... All told, the actress-who is probably the most well-known entity in the young core cast-probably appears in the film for about 10 minutes, if you squished all her scenes together. Marvel Studios and Sony were able to come to an agreement since that debacle, which led to the best Spidey on screen in 12 years with Tom Holland's appearance in Captain America: Civil War last year.

For Feige's part, he wanted to tread carefully by underlining the fact that Zendaya is still playing a character named Michelle and not Mary Jane Watson. Take Flash Thompson; Tony Revolori may have explained that modern bullying has changed, but a lot of the bullying scenes are pretty much comic book-accurate. The Lego scene - complete with the unfortunate fate of the Lego Death Star - is a lovely homage to Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man #2, where a panicked Miles reveals his powers to Ganke. "The dynamic now is forced to be something fresh and something unique going forward".

Leading man? Check. Spindly 21-year-old Tom Holland nails the awkward teen bravado of both Peter Parker and his masked alter-ego, building off the momentum he generated in his flashy debut as the character in "Captain America: Civil War". What's more, there's always been a sense of wish-fulfillment in that particular relationship; comic book fans are traditionally geeky, after all, and nerdy Peter Parker winds up marrying the hot redhead model. "My character is, like, very dry".

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man. But never this early in his web-slinging career, and of course never onscreen. Only if I can put it this way because I was thinking about this in your right this is the sixth Spiderman movie to come out since 2002.

Michelle/M.J. -whose last name we still don't know-will be even harder to box into damsel-in-distress territory, thanks to all the agency she's been given already. We're given a chance to see Peter as a regular kid, struggling with his commitments to school, dealing with things like the Academic Decathlon team, detention and a crush on the popular girl.

"How do you explain your way out of that?" "I feel like our generation is moving past this whole [idea] that you can't cast someone who's not of the right race for a character, and I really think we're breaking through and changing that, and Z is flawless for it". Homecoming is knowingly and perceptibly dialed-down from its "grown-up" brethren, more focused on humour and characters - but most importantly, it focuses on what's different about Spider-Man as a character rather than what's the same.

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