Published: Thu, June 29, 2017
U.S. | By Vera Richards

CNN imposing new rules on Russian Federation stories

CNN imposing new rules on Russian Federation stories

CNN was forced to apologize after retracting a story on its web site that a Russian bank linked to a close ally of President Donald J. Trump was under Senate investigation.

The news station added, "These types of stories are typically reviewed by several departments within CNN-including fact-checkers, journalism standards experts and lawyers-before publication".

Worse yet, members of the Trump administration are "high-fiving each other over Anthony's success in embarrassing CNN".

Friday night, once it was determined that editorial processes were not followed, CNN deleted the story from

Anthony Scaramuzzi is one of the representatives of Trump's transition team.

In its reply, the CNN Communications account tweeted to Trump "CNN just posted it's most-watched second quarter in history".

The story posted Thursday on CNN's website said Senate investigators are looking into the meeting between Anthony Scaramucci, a member of Trump's transition team, and Kirill Dmitriev, whose Russian Direct Investment Fund guides investments by USA entities in Russia.

CNN imposing new rules on Russian Federation stories
CNN imposing new rules on Russian Federation stories

CNN said in a statement that the article did not meet the network's editorial standards.

By Monday morning, Frank and two editors who worked on the piece, Lex Haris and Eric Lichtblau, had submitted their resignations.

The Congress is making independent investigations about Russian interference in the USA presidential elections, won by Donald Trump. Scaramucci contacted CNN executives to dispute the story and said he was considering legal action, according to a person familiar with his conversations who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A spokesperson for CNN did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Sanders ignored CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny's attempt to ask a question before ending her briefing. She called stories about Russian Federation and Trump "a hoax" that is distracting from other news. CNN accepted the journalists' resignations Monday.

While the video is indeed embarrassing to CNN, there have been no reports of management changes in the works, and it is too early to say whether or not CNN's ratings will decline as a result of the videos. "It's Donald Trump." The Washington Post reported a fake Time magazine issue with Trump on the cover is hanging on the walls of his golf clubs.

That's nothing new, but the whole reason that Trump was attacking the cable news station was because they retracted an article about alleged Trump/Russia ties which they deemed to have been published inappropriately by some of their editors. The law firm of one victim recently sued O'Keefe, alleging violation of a federal wiretap law. In February, Trump lumped the network in with many other media outlets that he dubbed "the enemy of the American People!".

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