Published: Wed, June 28, 2017
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Jury in Bill Cosby case is deadlocked, sent back for further deliberation

Jury in Bill Cosby case is deadlocked, sent back for further deliberation

Those watching the trial closely are sharing their thoughts about it on Twitter, forming their own opinions on the verdict Cosby deserves or commenting on how the trial is going.

A court officer, however, stated that the records did not reflect the maximum time taken for deliberations by a jury as far as criminal cases are concerned.

Constand - an athletic, 6-foot-tall college basketball staffer - said they made her dazed and groggy, and unable to say no or fight back when Cosby went inside her trousers.

After three days and 28 hours of debate, the group had asked to revisit almost every critical piece of evidence from the trial that began almost two weeks ago - ranging from Cosby's 2005 deposition and police statement, in which he denied drugging and molesting the case's central accuser, Andrea Constand, to Constand's own recollections of the 2004 night she said he attacked her.

On Thursday jurors said they were having trouble reaching an unanimous verdict on any of the three charges facing the 79-year-old entertainer for allegedly sexually assaulting college administrator Andrea Constand at his Philadelphia-area home in 2004, after giving her pills she said left her unable to thwart his advances.

"We can not come to a unanimous consensus on any of the counts", a note to Montgomery County Judge Steve O'Neill reads.

It appears that select jurors will not budge which will force Judge O'Neill to declare the case against Cosby a mistrial. They were expected to return for Day 5 on Friday morning.

The jury told a judge on their fourth day of deliberations Thursday that it's deadlocked.

As the jurors quit for the night Wednesday, O'Neill praised their diligence as they weigh charges that could put Cosby in prison for the rest of his life. It ended with: "ALWAYS FOLLOW THROUGH".

Outside the courthouse, where relative calm had reigned for more than a week, emotions finally spilled over.

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The charges involve Cosby's sexual encounter with Andrea Constand, 44, at his suburban Philadelphia home.

A mistrial could be called if the deadlock continues for too long.

The panel of seven men and five women worked late for the third night in a row, asking for testimony about a detective's interview with Cosby in early 2005, about a year after Constand says the comedian assaulted her. Cosby then placed her on the couch and sexually assaulted her without her consent, she said.

And, no matter what happens here, Cosby still has to face civil charges for similar alleged crimes. One of the women, Jewel Allison, told NBC News it was "emotionally devastating" to hear the jurors were at an impasse. "I pray for him".

However, it's not known how the jury is split: whether more people are in favor of conviction or acquittal and how many are on each side.

The judge, however, ordered jurors to keep working.

"But it's not impossible". Constand said on the witness stand she did not know Jackson. "As Yogi Berra said, 'It's not over 'til it's over'".

Mr Wyatt said: "He never got a fair trial". "We definitely want this to end".

Supporters held signs that said, "There is no rape". They have been deliberating since Monday.

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