Published: Fri, June 23, 2017
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Warriors' Game 5 win wraps up highly-watched NBA Finals

Warriors' Game 5 win wraps up highly-watched NBA Finals

But when Durant moved from the Oklahoma City Thunder to the Golden State Warriors, I was mad. Fox Sports said Cleveland putting Love on the trading market will potentially give them access on three equally talented players.

I want to like Durant so badly because he's just so frickin' good on the basketball court. "I'm ready to do it again".

"I couldn't sleep for two days", Durant said.

The No. 3 and No. 5 most "Liked" photos also pictured Neymar, with the former also including New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. and British Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton while the latter was a still shot with the foot taller Durant. She and her equally famous son, Kevin, should be making a few more appearances on the trophy presentation stage in the coming years. There's always a veiled threat - make him happy or he'll leave, just as he did Cleveland the first time. I'm trying to stay locked in. Assuming Durant and Curry re-up, the Warriors are heavy favorites to repeat in 2018.

"I do know me and KD had a conversation along with Draymond and Klay and Andre previous year before he even showed up that that was kind of the identity of who we are as a team that we understand how important it is, the guys that are here", Curry said.

Were those teams as super as this year's Warriors?

Could Golden State have won it without Durant this year?

He walked away from a city, shoot, an entire state that treasured him, and a franchise committed and close to winning a title, to join an all-star team nearly guaranteed a championship. Not to mention a healthy one after his 2016 injuries.

According to the article, Green believed Golden State needed someone who could alleviate pressure off Stephen Curry and apply more defensive strength to cover LeBron James. "They're going to be around for a while".

And now that Durant has a full season with the team, he may become even more comfortable in his surroundings, especially if two-time reigning MVP Steph Curry continues to adapt his game to accommodate him.

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I predicted that Golden State would beat Cleveland in five games.

The buzzer sounded and gold confetti began to fall. Each title he wins with the Warriors will be accompanied by an asterisk. According to Bleacher Report, the whispers are getting stronger that James may want to win an National Basketball Association ring wearing a different jersey, as early as next year, which is another story to tell.

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LeBron James was remarkable in defeat, however.

LeBron James did all that he could to extend the season and had some help from J.R. Smith.

James took a moment after Game 5 to reflect on his legacy with fondness.

The Golden State monster that devoured the Cavaliers in five Finals games, culminating with a 129-120 victory Monday, is not going into hibernation.

Or as James would say: To win not one, not two, not three... They blew through the playoffs, winning 16 of 17 games.

Cleveland got off to a fast start and built a 41-33 lead on a dunk by James early in the second quarter. We struggled at first, then, as a smart team does, that plays together, that's unpredictable out there, they figured it out, and when I was hurt, they took it to another level. It could lead to free agent point guard Chris Paul signing with San Antonio next month and/or free agent small forward Gordon Hayward reuniting with his college coach, Brad Stevens, in Boston. For the series, he shot 56 percent from the field.

Portland played Golden State eight times this season. He's got a chance to be a player.

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