Published: Fri, June 23, 2017
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Investigators Release Dashcam Video From Shooting of Philando Castile

Investigators Release Dashcam Video From Shooting of Philando Castile

Until Tuesday, few people had seen the dashcam video from July 6, 2016, when Officer Jeronimo Yanez killed Castile in Minnesota.

Jeronimo Yanez, the former police officer who was spotted on camera shooting Castile seven times from point-blank range, attempted to use the smell to cover for his actions when he was interviewed following the gruesome shooting.

The almost 10-minute video shows Yanez pulling over Castile on a wide street on a clear summer evening. Yanez then asks for Castile's license and insurance while another officer stands by the passenger side of the vehicle.

"Sir, I have to tell you that I do have a firearm on me", Castile said 30 seconds after they began speaking.

Yanez approaches the auto and says, "Hello, sir", to Castile, who responds, "How are you?"

The video is graphic, gut-wrenching and hard to watch but attorneys who represented Yanez during the trial say it shouldn't change people's opinions of the verdict.

"OK, then don't reach for it", Yanez tells Castile.

In the video, Yanez can be seen walking up to Castile's vehicle, pulled over to the side of the road.

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Ms Reynolds is heard explaining that her boyfriend was reaching for his ID, to which Mr Yanez replied: "I told him not to reach for it".

Once again, Yanez yells, "Don't pull it out!" before firing seven shots into Castile.

Yanez, a St. Anthony officer, testified he feared for his life because Castile put his hand on his firearm, not his wallet or identification papers, and was pulling the gun from his pocket. Yanez continues, saying "I don't know where the gun was".

After the verdict, the St. Anthony Police Department announced Yanez would be let go from the department. I told him not to reach for it. Closing arguments are set for Monday, June 12, in a Minnesota police officer's manslaughter trial in the death of a black motorist. I thought he had the gun in his hand, in his right hand.

Ms Reynolds screams as her four-year-old daughter is seen running from the vehicle after witnessing the horrific killing. It includes a portion of the same events as the dashcam video, but the view is from inside the vehicle.

Hutchinson, who said he has a concealed-carry permit, also said the video left room for reasonable doubt, because it didn't show where the gun was. And as he was pulling it out I, a million things started going through my head. "I am disappointed. My heart breaks for this family". "If the officer would've exercised more caution, it may not have escalated as fast", he said.

Documents released Tuesday also revealed that Yanez couldn't provide investigators with a detailed description of the driver of the auto he pursued, thinking he resembled a suspect in a recent robbery.

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