Published: Thu, June 22, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Would you fancy a bendable Lenovo laptop?

Would you fancy a bendable Lenovo laptop?

At the Lenovo Transform event in New York City, Lenovo senior VP Christian Teismann showed off a laptop concept that definitely looks like it is a device from the future.

The other key feature of the dream device is its foldable, bendable and even rollable design.

Lenovo didn't go into any details about the "advanced materials" it referenced to in its diagram, but we can guess some of these materials.

Lenovo's flexible laptop is a concept for now, so it could be years before it actually becomes a reality, provided that Lenovo actually does decide to take the concept forward. The render that we get to see above interestingly doesn't have a trackpad, and it'll likely let users interact with the OS using their voice and stylus.

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The laptop concept does not feature a hinge and instead folds right across the flexible display.

The foldable laptop, an image of which was also shared on Lenovo's official Twitter account, is described by the company as the future of personalized computing. According to Lenovo, the laptop concept will also be "always connected, always on,", with the ability to communicate on multiple inputs methods. This points out that the voice command will be included in order to perform the functions.

At first, it may not sound something revolutionary, given that smartphone manufacturers have shown off working prototypes earlier.

If you recall, previous year Lenovo took the wraps off a concept smartphone that could be bent and worn around your wrist, but that's not all the company wants to bend. No, not bendable as in "with a hinge,"but like a piece of paper, except made of plastic and with a color display".

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