Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
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Netflix joins growing protest to save net neutrality

Netflix joins growing protest to save net neutrality

Netflix, once a loudmouthed supporter of net neutrality - the concept that your internet service provider should no say in what you do or where you go online - but Netflix CEO Reed Hastings recently shrugged off the need for neutrality as something that was important to the company a decade ago, but which it not longer really needs.

When the list of organizations and companies participating first surfaced earlier this month, Netflix was notably absent from the group. "But supporting open Internet is still the right thing for our consumers".

"Net neutrality is an essential driver of innovation for startups, Pornhub Vice President Corey Price said in a statement".

Pornhub may be very close to accepting a hard method to support the idea of a free and open internet, as the company is joining other organisations like Amazon, Reddit, and Mozilla in the "Battle for the Net" protest to take place on July 12. The streaming video service announced its support for the July 12 Day of Action on Twitter, tweeting that "Netflix will never outgrow the fight for#NetNeutrality".

Net neutrality is a founding principle of the open internet that requires internet-service providers (ISPs) to treat all data sent to customers equally.

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This choice to participate in the protest is more in line with the Netflix of past.

Netflix will now be joining major internet companies such as Amazon, Reddit, Etsy, and Mozilla in the planned July 12 protest, in a sign of support for net neutrality and the benefits that it provides to consumers and firms alike.

"We had to carry the water when we were growing up and we were small", he said in May.

But that shouldn't have been seen as a signal Netflix (nflx) would abandon its allies, a spokesman for the company said on Thursday. After the FCC's 2010 net neutrality rules got struck down in court thanks to ISP influence, Netflix wrote in January 2014 to ISPs to uphold net neutrality principles or face their wrath.

After initially brushing the issue off, Netflix is the latest tech company to protest encroaching net neutrality regulations.

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