Published: Sat, June 17, 2017
U.S. | By Vera Richards

Gillespie wins GOP nomination in governor's race

Gillespie wins GOP nomination in governor's race

Northam, a pediatric neurologist, ran as a pragmatist with the state's Democratic establishment's firm support. Perriello in turn had a campaign ad in which he promised to "stop Donald Trump" while an ambulance, symbolizing Obamacare, was crushed behind him.

Northam said he'd do everything he could to reach out to Perriello backers.

Even though he held on to a lead that dwindled in the closing days, Mr. Gillespie enters the general election wounded, having failed to crack 50 percent in a race he was expected to dominate.

Virginia and New Jersey are the only states set to elect governors this year, and the contest in the Old Dominion is attracting broad national attention as a possible early referendum on President Donald Trump ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

At Northam's event in Arlington, there were cheers and high fives as news spread that he had been declared the victor.

"One of the things that I liked about his candidacy is that he seemed a bit more like a progressive candidate", said Priest, who voted for Sanders in the last presidential primary.

"Clearly he has a large base of followers, and they'll be looking for leadership, and I hope he'll rally them behind Ed". "He cares for everyone".

Perriello pledged in his concession speech to help Northam and said his campaign had shown that a "movement" is "rising up".

State Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel of Fauquier County won a narrow victory over state Sen.

Unofficial results from the GOP primary, with 99.7 percent of districts reporting, were Gillespie, 159,600 (43.7 percent); Stewart, 155,255 (42.5 percent); and Virginia Beach state Sen.

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But Stewart, who frequently savaged Gillespie during the campaign as an out-of-touch former lobbyist, did not immediately concede the race. "I commend him, and we agreed that we're going to bring all Democrats under the tent starting tonight".

"This really does show we have a deeply divided party", Nohe said. Perhaps more telling for the party is unusually massive turnout in an off-year primary.

John Carr of Winchester, Va. walks into his polling place Tuesday, June 13, 2017, to vote in the Virginia Primary Election where a Republican and Democratic candidate for governor and lieutenant governor will be chosen.

The race for governor, especially, has focused almost as much on reaction to events in Washington as to policy concerns within the state.

The top Democrat in the Virginia House of Delegates has fended off a primary challenge from an opponent who accused him of not being progressive enough. Northam faced former Rep. Tom Perriello in today's primary.

The Historic Triangle sided with the rest of Virginia on Tuesday, picking Democrat Ralph Northam and trending with Republican Ed Gillespie as candidates for November's race for governor.

Ed Gillespie has narrowly edged out Corey Stewart to clinch the Republican nomination for Virginia governor, according to The Washington Post, a photo finish to a race predicted to end in a wide victory for Gillespie. Moderate Republicans in Tuesday's primary might well have crossed over (allowed in a state with no registration by party) to vote in the Democratic primary for Northam, thereby boosting his margin and gravely damaging Gillespie.

"I'm shocked", said Nancy Russell, who was Hanover County chairwoman when Gillespie ran for Senate in 2014.

In Fairfax and Loudoun counties more Democratic ballots than Republican ballots were being cast, in part because the Democratic race for governor between Northam and former Perriello was seen as the closest race.

Mr. Perriello became the latest Bern victim, notching another loss for the senator from Vermont who electrified Democratic voters a year ago but who has struggled to turn his movement into a winning electoral campaign. But then Perriello, a one-term congressman who lost in the 2010 GOP wave, threw his hat into the race in January, running on a very anti-Trump, clearly progressive platform.

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