Published: Wed, June 14, 2017
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Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor

Northam wins Democratic nomination for governor

He says they voted for Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam in the Democratic gubernatorial primary.

The race for governor has Corey Stewart, Prince William County Board of Supervisors chairman, campaigning against Ed Gillespie, a onetime candidate for the U.S. Senate and a former chairman of the National Republican Party, and Frank Wagner, a state senator from Virginia Beach, battling for the Republican Party nomination. The final days of the primary cycle are ending on familiar notes.

On the Republican side, the race remains too close to call between Ed Gillespie and Corey Stewart.

Stewart, who has relied on attention-grabbing tactics in lieu of significant campaign cash or endorsements, stoked new controversies over the weekend. Gillespie is a conventional GOP candidate who is charisma-deficient. He recorded a Facebook Live video in front of a Stonewall Jackson statue in Manassas, his latest defense of monuments to Virginia's Confederate heritage. Perriello is implicitly claiming the former president's support with a commercial showing Obama campaigning at Perriello's side in 2010.

Tom Stanley, a low-key if not ho-hum congressman who held the rural Southside seat that Tom Perriello would occupy more than a half-century later for a single term before his defeat in an anti-Barack Obama backlash, pined for the support of the state's maximum leader, U.S. Sen. After starting way down in the polls, Perriello climbed to within striking distance in the campaign's home stretch. Already saddled with low approval ratings nationwide, Trump's numbers are even worse in Virginia, which Clinton won comfortably in the 2016 election. Tucker was our first elected Council chair. "With high turnout, they'll see people are pissed". A spate of Democrats are running, hoping to start clawing back some of the almost 1,000 legislative seats lost nationwide under Democratic President Barack Obama.

"I trust his leadership". On Tuesday, there will be 27 primary races, though candidates in two districts have dropped out since the ballots were printed.

"I make $9.66 an hour after working for years", said Candace Niles, 27, with a sigh.

Together, Northam and Perriello agreed to hold a "unity"-themed rally the morning after the race, regardless of Tuesday's results".

"Fifteen dollars, that would be incredible", Niles said.

That could be a problem for Periello, whose profile is less that of state politician than megaphone for the Trump-era angst of the national party.

On display south of the Mason-Dixon line is an experiment into how Democrats run against each other in the wake of a bruising primary season and in the midst of a party-wide power struggle over remaking itself in the image of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

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Perriello had no such luck with another employee. "I trust his dedication to all Virginians", Lee said of Northam. "Republicans want to claim that the Trump movement is doing well, and the Democrats want to claim it is not".

Corey Stewart, a Minnesota-born lawyer with a soft spot for the Confederacy, almost pulled off a stunning upset in Tuesday's Republican primary for governor of Virginia.

Should that propel Perriello to victory, it would not just be an odds-defying upset; it would be a repudiation of Virginia's Democratic leadership, which - by tailoring center-left policies to a diverse, increasingly moderate electorate - controls all offices decided by statewide vote.

NORTHAM: Now, I'm listening carefully to Donald Trump.

She said Northam has "proven he can work across the aisle". "He appears pretty mellow, but do not tussle with him on a matter of principle". If you see him, please say hello and wish him well. A long-time player in state politics, he is backed by the state party's elite, including sitting governor Terry McAuliffe and senator Tim Kaine.

"This is about our future!" McAuliffe can't run for a second consecutive term under Virginia law.

Besides Sanders, Perriello has the support of Sen.

"Ralph is a better fit for Virginia", said McDaniel, 35.

"I think that people are, maybe fingers crossed, recognizing the importance of primaries, that we need to be getting involved at this level", Peters said. On the campaign trail, he largely avoided talking about Trump, who has not weighed in on the race. The Democratic vote in Northern Virginia is enormous.

"As I travel Virginia, Virginians are very focused on Virginia", he told NBC News in an interview last month. "That's why I'm running for the office". I'm anxious about our future. "We are more purplish".

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