Published: Tue, June 13, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Modi to visit US; talks with Trump on 26th

Modi to visit US; talks with Trump on 26th

The latest update we hear is that Narendra Modi is all set to meet US President Donald Trump and the date has been fixed as June 26th. Trump has continued since his inauguration to reiterate his call for American companies to keep their investments in the U.S. Meanwhile, Modi has pressed on multinational companies to manufacture their products in India.

This would be his second meeting with Trump as his first meeting in Washington is being finalised.

Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed the scheduled Modi-Trump meet.

New Delhi, Indian officials say, will not be overwhelmed by the US President's public pronouncements on contentious issues such as outsourcing, job loss, climate change etc because the relationship is more than about just one issue, and while there may be discussions about visas and guest workers, it formed only a small part of the agenda.

The White House's spin on job creation by India in the United States is in contrast to Trump's comments about jobs fleeing to China and elsewhere.

The White House said that the US-India trade has grown six-fold since 2000, from United States dollars 19 billion to USD 115 billion in 2016, despite the recent hiccups over the H1-B visa issue.

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Apart from ways to enhance trade and business cooperation, Modi and Trump are expected to discuss defence ties. This first meeting between the two most followed leaders on Twitter will mark "a new direction for deeper bilateral engagement" and "consolidation of multi-dimensional strategic partnership, " the White House announced on Monday. With the USA looking inward, New Delhi must step up to play a leadership role in addressing one of the most pressing challenges facing the world.

Trump's statement was swiftly rebuked by Indian Foreign Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj: "India didn't sign the Paris climate deal under pressure or greed for money".

India strongly supports resistance to all forms of protectionism and is fully with Germany (which now holds the G20 presidency) on measures to liberalise trade in goods and services, said one of the persons cited earlier, who did not wish to be identified.

The H-1B visa issue had also left the Indian IT industry and the Indian government anxious at the adverse fallout of proposed curbs on visas by the Trump administration.

US Defence Secretary James Mattis has already made it clear that his country recognises India as a major defence "partner partly out of respect" for New Delhi's "indispensable role" in maintaining stability in the Indian Ocean region.

Major US firms such as Walmart and Apple have grown frustrated by regulations and tariffs imposed by Indian authorities as they seek to crack what is a potentially massive market.

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