Published: Mon, May 22, 2017
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Notre Dame students to stage walkout over Pence's commencement speech

Notre Dame students to stage walkout over Pence's commencement speech

Pence was planning to seek reelection as governor when Trump selected him to be his vice presidential running mate in the summer of 2016, but Pence was unpopular at the time in his own state and many thought he would lose his reelection bid.

We Stand For, the student activist group that planned the protest, said that the former IN governor and his policies attack marginalized people.

Pence didn't comment on the walkout, which was expected, but he did allude to clashes at campuses elsewhere that have derailed appearances by controversial speakers, such as conservative firebrand Ann Coulter at the University of California at Berkeley.

Pence told the graduates that their education at GCC was to make them leaders, he said.

Some members of the larger crowd cheered the walk-outs on, while others booed the students who marched out of gates 27 and 28 of Notre Dame Stadium during the school's 172nd commencement.

"I would encourage them to keep an open mind", he said "Obviously having a constructive dialogue is an important thing, and I think that if you don't attend Commencement, it'll be hard to keep that dialogue open".

Trump slammed Michelle Obama for doing something Melania, Ivanka also did
Trump's son-in law, Jared Kushner, and daughter Ivanka, both senior advisers, were also part of the official delegation. U.S. technology and engineering conglomerate GE said it had signed $15 billion of agreements with Saudi organizations.

Notre Dame spokesman Paul Browne says school officials would only intervene if the protest "seriously disrupted" the commencement or put anyone's safety at risk.

"We are being very respectful".

"We welcome anyone who wants to walk out with us", said Bryan Ricketts, a 2017 graduate and an organizer of the effort. "All you have to add to it is courage".

Many now believe those predictions were either totally bogus (based on entirely-fabricated figures), or calculated using an unrepresentative sample of the population, perhaps a small, self-selected group of liberals. "I don't think they represent Notre Dame at all". If the protests go as planned with students quietly leaving their seats on Sunday, it will be a contrast to the protest of DeVos at Bethune-Cookman, which was loud and ruckus.

Conservatives protested against Mr Obama's commencement speech in 2009 because of his support of abortion rights and several non-student protesters were arrested for trespassing. After pressure from the business community and LGBT advocates, Pence signed into law a fix to the measure. You know since the first day of our administration and in the great tradition of this college our President has been freeing the American economy by rolling back the heavy hand of big government.

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