Published: Mon, May 15, 2017
Sports | By Brett Lawson

Bets on overtime in basketball

Overtimes in basketball - is a rare phenomenon, so bettors in the bookmakers’ offices do not even take the opportunity to put their money on such an outcome. Most often bettors rely on winning with a handicap or a team’s clean victory. The betting odds for the overtime in the basketball are called by bettors the same stupidity as betting on the exact account in football. Of course, it is difficult to predict overtimes, but you can make your bet on them as well visiting William Hill basketball betting page. Overtimes in basketball happen not so rare in reality. For example, take the NBA statistics of the last season. Each of the 30 clubs of the league during the season at least once played a draw at the regular time. On average, for the "regular" (82 games), the teams played 5-7 overtimes. For example, "Utah" 10 times in a draw in regular time and "Dallas" did it 12 times.

Bookmaker offices, as a rule, estimate the probability of a draw with coefficients from 10.00 to 15.00. If you make a bet on the "Dallas" or "Utah", then you can be in the black at the end of the season, without even inventing any strategies. But on the other hand, there are clubs like "Phoenix" or "San Antonio", which only once in the "regular" played overtime. If you will always bet on a draw with the participation of such teams, you will be bankrupt quickly.

William Hill basketball betting page

Rules for betting on overtime (draw) in basketball

1. Choose the matches of those teams that often play in regular time in a draw. For example, "Utah" and "Dallas", about which we mentioned already, predictably failed to finish all personal meetings among themselves in regular time.

2. To bet on a draw better take clubs with low effectiveness. A simple mathematical calculation suggests that it is more likely to expect an account, for example, 80:80, rather than 125: 125.

3. Pick the matches of equal in strength teams. In this case, you just have to look at the standings or look at the odds in the bookmaker line.

4. Watch how the teams behave when they lose at the end of matches with a difference of 2 points. Some teams have reliable snipers, so they confidently go to three-point shots in the last seconds to win in overtime, while others, reducing the risk of defeat in regular time, throw from a near or medium distance, hoping to win the match in overtime.


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