Published: Sun, May 14, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Trump says he may choose a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director by Friday

President Trump threatened former FBI Director James Comey around the possibility that their private conversations were recorded. Comey instead told Trump he could count on his honesty, the Times said.

Trump's tumultuous 48 hours came to a head during an exclusive interview Thursday with NBC News' Lester Holt, when the president contradicted the reason for Comey's firing - giving mixed messages and undercutting what his aides and surrogates were telling reporters about the Federal Bureau of Investigation chief's surprise exit. Gomez said. "I'm sure that kind of question would have made Mr. Comey very uncomfortable and he would have avoided being specific".

Trump revealed to Holt that he had been planning to fire Comey even before he received Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's recommendation to do so. "I mean honestly, whatever is going to do the best, but I don't think you need it".

Comey has not confirmed Trump's account. Trump handed him a list of quotes from hypocritical Democrats now fuming over Comey's firing, but once could not wait to see him gone.

"Sarah Huckabee is a lovely young woman", Mr. Trump said, referring to his deputy press secretary, who helmed several briefings this week while press secretary Sean Spicer was on Naval reserve duty.

Despite insisting that there was no wrongdoing by the Trump campaign in regard to Russia, Trump said that he wanted things to be "absolutely done properly".

Trump told NBC News that he was frustrated by the ongoing investigation and believed it was motivated by Democrats' fury at losing the election.

At the Senate hearing, Mr McCabe testified it was not typical practice to tell people they were not a target of an investigation.

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"A few calling for his resignation, calling for his firing, being critical", he said.

President Donald Trump says his busy schedule makes it "not possible" for his staff to speak at the podium with "perfect accuracy".

The four are among almost a dozen candidates Mr Trump is considering, a group that includes several lawmakers, attorneys and law enforcement officials.

Trump said in excerpts of an NBC News interview released Friday that Comey "should have never exonerated" Hillary Clinton. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said earlier Moscow did not have official contacts with Trump's team during the presidential campaign. Trump said. "Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future "press briefings" and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???"

But McCabe characterized the investigation as "highly significant" and assured senators that Comey's firing would not hinder it.

The New York Times reported Thursday evening that in January, Mr. Trump asked Mr. Comey to pledge his loyalty to him, and Mr. Comey declined.

Comey's temporary replacement, acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, also contradicted statements from administration officials on Thursday, strongly disputing the White House story line that Comey's firing came in part because he had lost the confidence of the FBI's rank-and-file.

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