Published: Fri, May 12, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Payday 2 Coming To VR

Payday 2 Coming To VR

Considering it was a cooperative game, the teaser they released also showcased the PC and Virtual Reality players.

Naturally virtual reality (VR) played a part and in a surprise announcement the studio has confirmed VR support for Payday 2.

The game is coming to HTC Vive VR and will soon immerse you in a whole new world of heists. A beta for it will be available sometime this year, but Overkill didn't provide a specific date.

Overkill are bringing the jewel-swiping, cop-shooting antics of Payday 2 to VR, letting players physically scoop up their ill-gotten gains.

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The game will be available for free for those who already has the Payday 2 game. During the company's live stream today, it revealed that the full game will be making its way to VR headsets, making the action even more visceral than it could've ever been, as you literally step into the shoes of a bank robber and feel the tension of a full-blown shootout.

Payday 2 is an incredible game irrespective of the flaws it has and is one of the best multiplayer experience you could get. When playing the game in virtual reality mode players will have access to several new features, including a new 3D head-up display that is attached to the left or right hand and the ability to interact with the world in 3D space.

The Ultimate Edition launches on Steam on June 8, after which all Payday 2 updates will be released for free - but you don't need to purchase the Ultimate Edition to receive future free content updates.

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