Published: Wed, May 10, 2017
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Heroes of the Storm Video Highlights Overwatch Hero D.Va

Heroes of the Storm Video Highlights Overwatch Hero D.Va

Inside her MEKA she has Boosters (her Q) to move around rapidly, while her W projects a Defense Matrix, lowering the damage output of all enemies within. Oh, and while MEKA-bound, she can also move while firing.

Earlier this month Blizzard announced that Overwatch tank D.Va would be coming to Heroes of the Storm.

Heroes Of The Storm D.Va skins revealed out of PTR
D.Va's Heroes Of The Storm Skins Have Overwatch Players Green With Envy

After being confirmed as a playable Heroes of the Storm character in a cinematic video, a new gameplay video shows off just what D.Va is like in the game. When D.Va is in Mech Mode and her Self-Destruct has charged, she can eject from her Mech which will explode after a 4 second delay, dealing medium to massive damage in a large area, radiating from the centre of the blast. Most notably, D.Va's staying true to her roots as a former StarCraft pro, and has suited up in a Goliath, which features modified voice lines and abilities themed to match. Now, we get our first look at her and her mech in action, and she kicks ass. Just like in Overwatch, she moves around in a mech that can be destroyed, which then forces her into Pilot mode. The same goes for her skins, one of which is a nifty Evangelion reference. She can use her Defense Matrix Mode to channel a defensive field that reduces damage dealt by enemy heroes caught in it by 75 percent. This gives D.Va the Unstoppable state, and it causes damage and slows nearby enemies over the course of four seconds. Attacking enemies will reduce the cooldown on self-destruct and her mech, much like in the hero shooter. You have to kill the pilot to really put D.Va down after all.

What other Overwatch heroes would you love to see in Heroes of the Storm?

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