Published: Tue, May 09, 2017
Medicine | By Daryl Nelson

Police Warn of Fentanyl Blend Called 'Gray Death' in Ohio

Police Warn of Fentanyl Blend Called 'Gray Death' in Ohio

Called "gray death", the new unsafe opioid combo has been detected and recorded in Alabama, Georgia and Ohio.

Usually appearing to be like concrete mix, gray death may vary in consistency - from hard, chunkyl to a fine powder. Deneen Kilcrease, the manager of the chemistry section at the Georgia Bureau of Investigationm, shared that this combination has been the most unsafe drug after 20 years.

Additionally, because the drugs can be absorbed through the skin, just touching the powder puts users at risk. "Why do you think it's called gray death?".

Though meant to be painkillers, opioids have evolved to become unsafe substances that have already claimed many lives.

Officials are warning the public about a new heroin derivative called "gray death" that includes an opiate sometimes used to tranquilize animals as large as elephants.

File picture: Four opiods are present in the new drug dubbed 'grey death.

On its own, U-47700 is considered to be among the most risky drugs monitored by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. The GBI has received 50 overdose cases in the last three months involving gray death.

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As for the early statement release regarding gray death, Russell said that people should be more aware and take the opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Almost 4,000 people in Florida have died because of opioid overdoses.

The DEA describes U-47700 as a novel synthetic opioid and explained that its abuse parallel that of heroin, prescription opioids and other novel opioids.

Russell says there is no indication Gray Death is being dealt in the Chicago region, but it's been a problem in states like OH and Kentucky.

According to Kilcrease, the drug's ingredients and concentrations are often unknown to users, which makes gray death particularly lethal.

Patients and treatment center owners say locals' concerns are unfair and stigmatize the facilities and people seeking help for addiction to opioids and other drugs.

Some communities also are seeing fentanyl mixed with non-opioids, such as cocaine. It's one of the reasons he tells users never to take drugs when they're by themselves.

Things just keep getting worse for America when it comes to the opioid crisis.

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