Published: Mon, May 08, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Israel says Palestinian hunger strike leader ate in secret

Israel says Palestinian hunger strike leader ate in secret

Palestine's Health Ministry on Friday warned the Israeli authorities against force-feeding hunger-striking Palestinian prisoners, saying the move could endanger their lives.

Assaf Librati, a spokesman for the prison service, said strike organizer and Palestinian uprising leader Marwan Barghouti ate a candy bar on May 5 and cookies on April 27.

The activity during the match included raising photos of the prisoners, headed by leader Marwan Barghouthi, and photos of other prisoners who have been serving yeqars in Israeli jails.

Barghouti and his fellow prisoners are calling on Israel to respond affirmatively to a list of demands, which include: increased family visitation rights, improved medical services, ending administrative detention and greater access to education materials.

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The prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails are only ingesting water and salt. "This is psychological warfare that we expected Israel to wage against the strike".

The statement pointed out that under International Law and the Fourth Geneva Convention, an occupying power is forbidden to hold prisoners from an occupied territory outside of the occupied land, however the vast majority of Palestinian prisoners from the occupied West Bank and Gaza are held in prisons inside Israel. According to the media committee set up by 'Idraab al-Karaamah' or the "Strike of Dignity", no correspondence has taken place between the detainees and the prison's administration, with numerous prisoners beginning to suffer from reduced blood pressure, dropping heart function and muscular weakness. He says guards stepped up punishment, seizing all personal items and leaving prisoners "with nothing except their beds".

The incident on Sunday was the latest in a 19-month-long period of sporadic street attacks by Palestinians against Israelis, and the bustling Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem's walled Old City where it occurred has seen many attacks.

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