Published: Sat, May 06, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Security jitters as campaigning for French election ends

She has also hinted at the possibility of Paris leaving both the European Union and Eurozone for the sake of "economic nationalism" and social policies that favor French people.

She accused Macron of having an "indulgent attitude" towards Islamic extremism, while he accused Le Pen of dividing France and stoking "civil war".

US President Donald Trump will work with "whoever the people of France decide to elect" as their leader, his spokeswoman said Friday.

Le Pen also met recently with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and would push for lifting sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

Former U.S. President Barack Obama endorsed Macron in a video message released by Macron's party on Thursday, praising him for appealing "to people's hopes and not their fears". Dupont-Aignan, who won 4.7 percent of the vote in the first round of election, said that under the governance deal with Le Pen, his policy proposals would be incorporated in her campaign. She suggested there's no turning back to the traditional left-right divide that has defined French political life for generations. Le Pen said those parties have been "blackballed". "Even if we don't reach our goal, in any event there is a huge political force that has been born".

It's a "major political force that has replaced the old parties", she said.

Airbrushed out of the picture is her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen, a convicted anti-Semite who passed the reins of the anti-immigration National Front (FN) to his daughter in 2011 but was booted out of the party four years later for downplaying the Holocaust.

Afghan defence chiefs resign over deadly Taliban attack
US State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the Afghan defence minister and his army chief resigned in the wake of the attack. The resignations come just ahead of a visit by US Defense Secretary James Mattis.

According to an Elabe poll for BFM TV and L'Express, Macron will get 62 percent of the votes in the second round compared to 38 percent for Le Pen, an increase of three points for the centrist candidate compared to his projected score in the last Elabe poll.

Her party managed to "impose the overhaul" of French politics and set the tone of the election, she said.

But there was little substance to her attacks, and over and again Emmanuel Macron was able to expose the weaknesses in her arguments - especially over the economy and the euro. "Le Pen is behind this". He is "the system and we are the people".

Le Pen placed second in the opening round with 7.7 million votes, taking a step closer to becoming France's first "presidente". She wants a sovereign nation in charge of itself and its borders - which she sees as a hole in the garden fence that allows immigrants and others to enter.

Tensions marred the race right to the end as anti-Le Pen crowds disrupted her visit to a renowned cathedral in Reims in Champagne country.

The poll for Franceinfo radio showed 69 percent of abstaining voters will do so reluctantly, refusing to choose between Macron and Le Pen. "I say that despite the fact that I will vote for her on Sunday". "Everyone has been talking about nationalism", she said. We did a lot, even by standing alone against everyone else. "No dignity", Le Pen wrote on Twitter. She said she chose to go on the attack against Macron and his "totally destructive" platform for France because "I was the voice of distress".

En Marche! said it will take all appropriate measures to get clarification about this leak, saying it "won't tolerate the undermining of democracy's vital interests".

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