Published: Fri, May 05, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Venezuelans march in memory of those killed in unrest

Venezuelans march in memory of those killed in unrest

The opposition called for protesters to dress in white and march in silence on Saturday to the Catholic Church's episcopal seats nationwide in a show of condemnation of Maduro's government.

"It was like a war", said Mr Carlos Yanez, a resident of El Valle, where officials said 11 people died.

Authorities in Venezuela say 12 people were killed overnight following looting and violence in the South American nation's capital amid a spiralling political crisis.

In his office hangs a photograph from 1936 Germany showing a worker named August Landmesser standing alone in a large crowd refusing to perform the Nazi salute - a model of bravery that Borges says should inspire members of Venezuela's armed forces who have been using tear gas and rubber bullets against unarmed protesters.

Videos shot by El Valle residents showed people throwing bottles and other objects out their windows at the gunmen in the streets below, shouting "Murderers!"

In a scene similar to the day before, police in riot gear lobbed tear gas canisters in front of a line of protesters, scattering some.

Lost in the surge of protests triggered by last month's decision by the Venezuelan Supreme Court to strip congress of power is Maduro's desperate need for financing.

The court reversed course after global condemnation, but Maduro's government further fuelled the protests by barring the opposition's most popular politician, Henrique Capriles, from holding office for 15 years.

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April 6: As tensions rise, a 19-year-old man is shot dead and dozens of Maduro opponents are injured in Caracas during clashes between demonstrators and security forces. "We lost everything here", said Mustafa.

The protests were further fuelled when the Government barred the opposition's best-known leader, two-time presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, from holding public office. Sit-ins to block major highways are planned for Monday.

Opposition lawmaker Freddy Guevara likened the march towards some of the city's more humble neighbourhoods as "crossing the Berlin wall".

Twelve more Venezuelans lost their lives on Friday in violence associated with a wave of anti-government demonstrations, including eight who died electrocuted when they came in contact with a 220 kV cable while looting a bakery.

General Motors announced early Thursday that it was closing its operations in Venezuela after authorities seized its factory in the industrial city of Valencia, a move that could draw the Trump administration into the escalating chaos engulfing the nation. Opposition groups are demanding that Maduro quit and hold a fresh election in the country this year.

Clashes between supporters of the opposition and those of President Nicolas Maduro have flared this month in Venezuela.

The Supreme Court ruling reinvigorated Venezuela's fractious opposition, which had been struggling to channel growing disgust with Maduro over widespread food shortages, triple-digit inflation and rampant crime.

On Thursday, he said the opposition had agreed to new talks.

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