Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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Will New OS Be Unveiled at Microsoft EDU Event?

Will New OS Be Unveiled at Microsoft EDU Event?

This has led to speculation that the company could launch its Windows 10 Cloud OS and a Cloud based Surface device which will undoubtedly provide competition towards Google's Chromebook offerings.

When Microsoft announced that it will be hosting an event on May 2, everyone thought it might unveil the Microsoft Surface 2 or Surface Pro 5. The Redmond Company has already launched its upcoming May event with the hashtag #MicrosoftEDU which clearly signifies that the tech giant aims to start something big for the educational sector. However, according to ZDNet, the spring event to be held by Microsoft is codenamed "Bespin", and is rumored to highlight the company's still-unofficially-announced Cloud version of Windows 10. While the entire world is waiting for the upgrades to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft has some other plans going forward.

As we reported yesterday, Microsoft is hosting an event in NY on May 2. The users will be able to download and install the Win32 as well as Universal Windows Platform Apps from the Windows Store on the Windows Cloud.

Recently, the Redmond giant pushed an app collection to the Windows Store, which showed an ID of 'cloudbook.' The apps are exclusively designed for educational goal. This included a "cloudbook" ID, and we could see that the apps have an educational objective.

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Zurbuchen added that the missions were getting humans closer to understanding whether they were "indeed alone or not". Today's news comes as Nasa is eager to secure funds for its planned Europa Clipper mission to the Jupiter moon .

Microsoft has not specified just what Belfiore's new role is within the company, but the Mashable interview does refer to Belfiore as an "education sponsor and advocate in the Windows team".

The rumor mills have widely reported that Microsoft has already developed its Windows 10 Cloud operating system which has been specifically created to target the educational sector.

MSPowerUser claims that it knows of a device called "CloudBook" and said rumors suggest that the CloudBook will have an ARM processor, possibly the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which Microsoft has been targeting to run x86 apps in emulation mode. Should Microsoft release a CloudBook to compete with the Google Chromebook?

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