Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
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Lena Dunham spills on 'Girls' series finale

Lena Dunham spills on 'Girls' series finale

Marnie, whose own life has fallen apart, takes a victory from her competitive view on friendship and support.

To end the series with Hannah as a young single mother was a surprise to most fans, but she and Dunham were passionate about the idea, Konner said, adding that the two cemented it around Season 4, when they discussed the eventual ending of the show with HBO.

The next morning, Hannah wakes up to her mom Loreen in the house. Episodes were often akin to short films, even if they weren't intentional one-offs like this season's bruising "American Bitch" (where Hannah confronts a celebrated and possibly predatory older male writer) or season two's melancholy standout "One Man's Trash" (in which Hannah spends a weekend in a handsome brownstone with an equally attractive man and realizes with some disappointment that she just wants to be happy). Konner and Dunham saw Jessa as a more suitable partner for Adam from the first time the two appeared in a scene together.

The small amount of joy sparked by Loreen catching Marnie in the middle of weird airline Facetime phone roleplay, and the insight when she subsequently compares Marnie and her daughter to herself and her gay husband, is snuffed out by the episode's cutesy nonsense.

Tricia: I think of this episode and of the entire series and I think of that song by Urge Overkill, "Girl, You'll Be a Woman, Soon". Hannah's cool mom vision of herself clearly wasn't playing out just yet, and Marnie had basically given up on her own life to take care of Hannah and the baby, but by the end it seemed like maybe it could all work out for both of them in some way, even if it's never going to work out the way they ever imagined it should. But instead, she learns the girl ran away from home because her mom wanted her to do her homework and she wanted to visit her boyfriend instead. The show was many different things to many different people; for some, an excuse to hate-tweet on Sunday nights.

Hannah Horvath cradles her baby in the Girls finale. "It's the first one you can't take back", she says. It's the advice Marnie needs to start considering a future for herself that is separate from her current situation. It's a line that her mother could have, and possibly has, said to her. Having followed its key characters as they drunkenly stumbled (sometimes literally, usually not) through their 20s, any ending seemed destined to represent merely a moment in time, what with so many years and so much self-absorption ahead of them. The entire episode also showed Hannah and Marnie's (Allison William) closer relationship now that Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) has made a decision to not stay friends with them. Marnie knows it's time to say goodbye to Hannah and pursue her own happiness. And thanks to a chat with Hannah's mom, she realized she needed to figure out what she wanted. All three then head upstate (I'm guessing somewhere north of Rhinebeck and south of Hudson, on the eastern side of the river) where they proceed to nest.

Then again, it doesn't look like Marnie's having too much fun with Hannah and Grover, either. It also saw her telling someone else to put their clothes on for once, when she lent her pants to a teenage neighbour missing her own.

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Proving her friendship is about tenacity: like a pup competing with her littermates, she's determined to win by being the last to let go. But no one's giving her permission either; she's just able to fake the authority a little better, on more sleep and with fewer hormones. The episode opens with Marnie wrapped around Hannah in bed-a throwback to the series premiere-but we're not in Greenpoint anymore, we're at Hannah's new, lovely home upstate.

"What other friends do you have?" she asks Hannah.

Hannah is borderline intolerable for the bulk of "Latching", lashing out at her mother and Marnie, who are only doing their best trying to help.

People and thinkpieces have been wondering whether Hannah's pregnancy storyline is a way of trying to shove her into true adulthood.

Hannah had made the choice to have the baby, whom she named at the absent father's request, and in the series finale she made the choice to grow up and parent the child.

She also compared her newborn to the other men in her life. Don't even bother asking her for her outline, because it's highly unlikely that she'd share it with you. That doesn't feel super self-actualized, so it would be amusing because the audience would be like, "Hanna and Adam are my one true pair, that's my platonic ideal of love", and I would be like, "I want to get together with you and talk this trough with you". With a clear mind, Hannah soothes her child and Grover finally latches on. The episode is odd because Hannah's world has become something she doesn't recognize, but life works like that sometimes.

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