Published: Mon, April 17, 2017
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Finally! April the Giraffe Goes Into Labor

Finally! April the Giraffe Goes Into Labor

April the giraffe welcomed a not-so-little bundle of joy Saturday morning after animal lovers devoted weeks to watching and waiting. It has been months since Animal Adventure Park turned the spotlight on April the giraffe but how is the future mother doing?

The park sent out an alert over its paid first-alert message system around 7:30 a.m. April the Giraffe is in active labor. According the zoo, the front hooves come out first, followed by the baby's snout. Fans who tuned into the live stream watched as April paced back and forth in her enclosure while her mate, Oliver, watched from his space next door. Male giraffes, according to Animal Adventure Park, "only really care about two things- fighting and the unmentionable".

He added that April's pregnancy was more than just live entertainment, but a teachable moment and source for education. WATCH IT LIVE HEREA live camera feed shows the expecting mama's pen at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York. Large predators are always on the prowl and a newborn giraffe calf is a comfortable size for a lion or a leopard to take down.

Friday, April was out enjoying the daylight, as changes to her behavior have stabilized, Animal Adventure Parksaid. The stream was restored and eventually picked up sponsorship from Toys "R" Us as the world waited - and waited - to see the giraffe give birth.

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While the calf's weight is now unknown, zoo officials said they weigh around 150 pounds and are about 6-feet tall at birth.

Fans rejoiced on Twitter after the calf was born. An exact date and time of when April will be giving birth is still not known. The calf will then move on to another zoo.

Giraffe pregnancies last up to 15 months.

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