Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

"Tax March" protests demand release of Trump's tax returns

A number of rallies are anticipated to include large inflatable chickens that resemble the president, which the article explained "pairs with the protesters" argument that Trump is being a "chicken' about releasing his tax returns". "We need a president who works for all Americans, and a tax system that does, too".

"We do care. We want to see his taxes", said Ann Demerlis, who was among hundreds who marched in Philadelphia from City Hall to an area in front of historic Independence Hall, carrying signs and chanting "We want your taxes now!"

"The American people are outraged that President Trump has broken his promise to release his taxes raising doubts and casting shadows over countless actions taken by his administration", Karen Hobert Flynn, president of the watchdog group Common Cause, said Friday.

Not to be confused with "Donald Duck", the prominent protest poultry from during the 2016 campaign, the march mascot with the signature orange coif has been making the rounds in Washington and is expected to pop up at events around the country.

The tweets caught on, and now Taub and Lesser are co-founders of the march, which has garnered the support of almost 70 progressive organizations.

Marches are planned Saturday in Raleigh, Charlotte and Mooresville on the day Americans normally must complete their annual tax returns.

Whether he paid taxes to foreign governments: If Trump claims a foreign tax credit, that means he paid tax to a foreign government and that would be subtracted from his US income tax liability. New York, Washington, Los Angeles and Chicago saw thousands participate in the rallies.

Organizers hope to call attention to the fact that Trump is the first president since Richard Nixon to refuse to release his tax returns, and to prepare for a fight on tax policy.

"Therefore, President Trump must immediately release his full tax returns, as all presidents and major-party presidential candidates have done for the last 40 years".

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"I think he's evading them", said her mother, Adrienne Kahn.

Brown offered her own opinion on that point: "This is something that we feel strongly that the American people have the right to see".

Huge turnouts Saturday will tell Congress that those who side with Trump on tax secrecy should fear being voted out in 2018. "Donald Trump is hiding something", she says.

How much he paid in taxes: The president has often bragged about paying as little tax as possible while at the same time boasting of his great wealth.

Critics have raised questions about what Trump's tax returns say about his net worth and about his various business ties.

In Washington, D.C., Sen.

The House Ways and Means Committee has legal authority to obtain confidential tax records.

"It has sort of been a Republican issue, but people are starting to make the connection about why we pay taxes and what that money pays for", said Shockley.

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