Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
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'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer Reveals Season 4 Will Be Its Last

'Star Wars Rebels' Trailer Reveals Season 4 Will Be Its Last

It has already been confirmed that Fishers character, the iconic Leia Organa, will appear in the latest trilogy's final chapter, the as yet untilted Episode IX, reportedly utilising scenes filmed for The Last Jedi. I just adore her.

Audiences are getting their first look at The Last Jedi, as a trailer for the Star Wars film is released online.

He shared: "I'm grateful that we stayed friends and got to have this second act with the new movies". 'I'm not speaking to you, you're such a judgmental, royal brat!' We went through it all.

"I'm proud of the legacy we left and I'm happy new generations of fans will get to see me and Harrison and Carrie back in the roles people loved. She was an incredible writer, with an incredible mind". Star Wars: Captain Phasma will run for four issues and explore how the Captain of the First Order made her daring escape from Starkiller Base. "That seems like, to me, the most uninteresting [question]". "As to whether Luke is the 'Last Jedi, ' they say in 'The Force Awakens' he's going to find the last Jedi temple and Luke is the last Jedi", he said.

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He even imagined how Fisher would be viewing his tribute to her.

But the night belonged to Hamill as he worked through his grief, almost breaking down when he read a letter he wrote shortly after her death.

He said that while he's still in mourning, he's focusing on her legacy.

"If there are any Mandalorian fans out there. there are a couple episodes that you may really enjoy. and you might be surprised who shows up", she said, referencing the origin world of Fett's armor. "What Rian [Johnson] wrote, and the performance she [Fisher] ended up giving; I think you guys will find that an unbelievable tribute to her talent". Let us know what you think about this new comic series in the comments!

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