Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Car bomb kills at least 39 Syria evacuees

Car bomb kills at least 39 Syria evacuees

Syrian TV said at least 39 people were killed in an explosion that hit near buses carrying evacuees from two towns besieged by rebels nearby.

Pictures on social media showed the apparent aftermath of the blast, with bodies lying on the ground and blackened buses with windows blown out.

Syrian rescue workers who operate in opposition areas say at least 100 people were killed in a blast that ripped through a bus depot where evacuees waited to be transferred to government areas. He accused the government or extremist rebel groups of orchestrating the attack to discredit the opposition. My house, land and belongings are all in al-Foua", Mehdi Tahhan said.A Madaya resident, speaking from the bus garage inside Aleppo, said people had been waiting there since late on Friday, and were not being allowed to leave."There's no drinking water or food.

The explosion hit an area where buses carrying almost 5,000 people from Foua and Kfraya, villages in northern Syria that have been besieged by rebels. The Independent is reporting that the blast shocked a bus parked near the Rashidin area located on the outskirts of Aleppo, just as it was set to evacuate to a safer area.

Syria's war has left more than 320,000 people dead since erupting in 2011, with more than half the population forced from their homes and hundreds of thousands enduring siege-like conditions.

Madaya and Zabadani have been under the control of anti-government fighters but facing siege from forces loyal to the regime.

Syria's opposition had said the evacuation deals, which have included areas of Aleppo and a district in the western city of Homs, amount to forced displacement of President Bashar al-Assad's opponents from Syria's main urban centres.

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The state TV channel said the explosion was caused by a auto bomb and footage showed horrific images of bodies strewn on the ground and near buses.

The explosion hit the al-Rashideen area, a rebel-controlled district outside Aleppo city where evacuation buses carrying almost 5,000 people from the northern rebel-besieged villages of Foua and Kfraya were stuck. They were evacuating under a deal contingent on residents of two pro-rebel towns being allowed to evacuate.

People who were evacuated from the two villages of Kefraya and Foua wait near buses, after a stall in an agreement between the opposition and Syrian regime army, at Rashideen.

According to Abdul Hakim Baghdadi, an interlocutor who helped the government negotiate the evacuations, said 140 were killed in the attack.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the explosion appeared to have been caused by a bomb.

A resident of Zabadani, another rebel-held town to be evacuated, reportedly said that in last few days no evacuation has taken place from there.

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