Published: Sun, April 09, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Ford's Crib Prototype Simulates a Car Ride, Can Help Soothe Babies

Ford's Crib Prototype Simulates a Car Ride, Can Help Soothe Babies

The Max Motor Dreams looks like a designer bassinet from the outside, but with a large Ford logo. Ford designers in Spain has designed and developed a prototype of a baby crib that acts like a vehicle. However, due to the overwhelming interest, Ford is considering a full-scale production. But the automaker has recently embarked on a project that still has something to do with cars with babies in their mind.

However, this is not the first instance of a smart crib. All it requires is that you go out for a night drive with their app open so it can record the cars movements and sound.

What you're seeing here is a baby crib designed and built by Ford. But this is the first I could find of one that imitates a auto ride, well except of course for the Sleeptight which was released in the late 1980's and was just clipped onto the crib and made it vibrate while making noises and was supposed to help with a baby who was showing signs of colic.

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Are you a parent who has to drive around the block to get your baby to sleep at night? You have to make an appointment to test drive a Ford in Spain, and once you complete the test drive, you'll be entered into a raffle. One common trick that my parents used on me-or at least my mother claims she did-was to take me for vehicle rides.

Ford says that it has no plans at the moment to produce and sell the crib, indicating that it's likely just a design concept.

The Max Motor Dreams crib is not actually available to the public. Naturally, it gently vibrates and rocks to mimic a ride in the backseat, and even comes with an app created to track your car's route so it can reproduce the movements from that drive for your baby.

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