Published: Fri, March 31, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

Twitter eases 140-character limit in replies

Twitter Product Manager Sasank Reddy said that the initial feedback was promising - "people engage more with conversations on Twitter", he said - but that there's work to be done. Tapping on the "Reply to" space will show you who's part of the conversation, and you can make modifications to who receives the tweet there.

The new Twitter feature is rolling out on the web version as well as mobile version on Thursday.

Twitter is making good on a product promise the company announced nearly a year ago but never rolled out: Longer tweet replies. Twitter first started moving away from the 140-character limit this past May. Now users will only see replies instead of mentions, and without the proper context, it'll feel like a wave of random tweets. This new reply adjustment is now rolling out to users as part of an update today.

Twitter users will now have all 140 characters available to them when replying to tweets.

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Twitter is making your 140 characters count for more. Under the new system, these usernames won't count against the 140-character limit.

Along with this update, the Twitter added few more changes to simplify the conversations. The drawback is also that a group of Twitter users numbering in the dozens can now all join the same conversation thread.

Announced via their official account, a brief tutorial video also explains how to remove people from a reply Tweet using a new toggle function. By including the Twitter handles of others, you can significantly stunt the effectiveness of your messaging.

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