Published: Tue, March 21, 2017
Markets | By Erika Turner

Brazil meat scandal deepens as China and European Union halt some imports

Brazil meat scandal deepens as China and European Union halt some imports

"We have to consider the scale of this alleged fraud and the reported extent of official involvement because it appears very considerable indeed and that has to mean a systemic problem which can only be countered by a systemic and independent investigation and verification of the produce that the Brazilians have been exporting", he said.

Meanwhile, Brazil's President, Michel Temer, met foreign diplomats from the EU, China, the U.S. and elsewhere yesterday [Sunday 19 March] to allay concerns over exports following police raids on meatpackers in Brazil on Friday.

In an unusual move on a Sunday, Temer welcomed about 20 ambassadors from among the 150 nations that import Brazilian meat to Planalto Palace in response to doubts raised after it was revealed that certain companies were adulterating spoiled meat to hide the odor, then selling it both in the local market and to foreign buyers, Efe news reported.

Meat has been one of Brazil's few thriving industries during its two year recession.

TODAY has reached out to AVA, other major supermarket chains as well as meat importers for comments.

Brazil and Argentina account for a huge chunk of the 80% of plant protein imports for feed the European Union is so dependent on.

Amgen's Repatha cardio data fails to impress
The results of a large global trial on 27,000 patients paved the way for the drug to become available to millions of people. Sabatine said that evolocumab , which costs about $14,000 a year, has been on the market for about two years now.

More than 1,100 agents were involved in Operation Weak Flesh raids.

Three meat processing plants have also been closed and another 21 are under scrutiny.

The authorities say there's no sanitary risk, despite allegations by police that some producers had sold rotten and tampered meat products.

European farmers' body, Copa, said the scandal underlined the importance of ensuring that imports of meat from South America met the EU's high safety and traceability standards. JBS's media office said it was unaware of any detention and denied that police raided the company's São Paulo-based headquarters.

The claims appear to relate to discovery of frozen meat being used by a small value-adding company where use-by dates on product had expired.

Browsing meats on Monday at a supermarket, Carla Simone Macedo said she had periodically seen products that looked to be repackaged.

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