Published: Mon, March 20, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Israel threatens to destroy Syria's air defences

Israel threatens to destroy Syria's air defences

In a rare communique, in which Israel took responsibility for the usually clandestine airstrikes, the Israeli Air Force confirmed that its warplanes had struck several targets in neighboring Syria.

Syria's military said it had downed an Israeli plane and hit another as they were carrying out pre-dawn strikes near the famed desert city of Palmyra that it recaptured from jihadists this month.

In a speech on Saturday, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah accused Israel of intervening in the Syrian civil war on a daily basis, and claimed that Netanyahu "fears the collapse" of the Islamic State group in Syria.

The missiles triggered Israel's emergency sirens, which may have forced the army to issue a rare communique confirming the skirmish. "At no point was the safety of Israeli civilians or the IAF aircraft compromised", the IDF spokesman wrote.

The Syrian army claimed it shot down one Israeli jet in the incident, and damaged another, but the IDF denied the claim.

Israel's Channel 10 said the mission was to destroy a weapons convoy destined for Hezbollah.

However, Arrow is created to intercept long-range ballistic missiles high in the stratosphere, so it remained unclear why the system would have been used in this particular incident.

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A few years into the war, Hezbollah joined forces with Assad, sending thousands of its fighters to reinforce Syrian troops.

The only Israeli operations in Syria that are publicly acknowledged and announced by the IDF pertain to aircraft, tank and artillery strikes in response to fire from Syrian territory quite close to Israel's border.

One missile was intercepted by Israel's Arrow air defence system, Israeli media reported.

Most of Israel's reported strikes have been around the Syrian capital of Damascus, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, which Israel seized from Syria during the Six-Day War in 1967.

The Israeli military said its planes were already back in Israeli airspace when the SAMs were fired.

Syria's Foreign Ministry wrote letters to the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, as well as the UN Security Council decrying such Israeli strikes as violating global law and Syrian sovereignty.

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