Published: Sun, March 19, 2017
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Sushma speaks to Sartaj Aziz on clerics

Sushma speaks to Sartaj Aziz on clerics

Two Indian Sufi clerics, who had gone missing in Pakistan, are in Karachi and are scheduled to return on March 20 (Monday), according to Pakistani media.

Pakistan's foreign office told the Indian high commission in Islamabad this evening that the country's law enforcement agencies had found two Sufi clerics from New Delhi's Nizamuddin shrine reported missing for the past two days.

The family claims the duo were travelling on "VIP Visa" and were not directed to report to police stations wherever they visited.

Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also took to Twitter and confirmed taking up the matter with government of Pakistan.

Islamic militants in Pakistan have repeatedly targeted the followers of Sufi orders and their shrines, which extremists view as un-Islamic.

CBI Ordered To Probe Narada Sting, Court Says Cops Acted Like 'Puppets'
The court also observed that the CBI was the most suitable agency to conduct an independent probe. CM Banerjee has also alleged that the entire footage of the sting operation was doctored.

Earlier, Swaraj had said that the two had gone missing after landing at the Karachi airport. "How can they say that they have no clue about two foreign nationals missing in their country?" said Amir Ali Nizami, son of Asif Nizami. Asif Nizami, 82 and Nazim Ali Nizami, 66, are the clerics and the members of the extended family of the Sajjada Nashin of the shrine in Delhi.

They went missing after they visited Lahore's Data Darbar.

They were offloaded from Karachi-bound Shaheen Airlines on March 14 at the Allama Iqbal International Airport, Lahore, the Pakistani sources said.

She added: "We have also contacted their host in Karachi who appears to be under pressure not to speak to the Indian High Commission". While Nizal Ali was detained at the Lahore airport, Asif Ali was allowed to travel to Karachi. India had formally requested Pakistan to help find the clerics on Thursday. They arrived in Lahore on March 13.

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