Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Yemen officials confirm 33 Somali refugees shot dead on Red Sea

The port is now controlled by Houthi rebels who are fighting a Saudi-led coalition in Yemen's war, which has been ongoing for the last two years.

Al-Massirah Yemeni television reported that the Saudi-led warplanes targeted a boat carrying dozens of Somali immigrants off al-Hudaydah in Yemen. There was no immediate coalition comment.

At least 22 members of pro-government forces have been killed in a rebel attack on a mosque inside a military base in Yemen, according to medical sources.

The SABA agency, controlled by the Shiite Houthi rebels, says Friday's airstrikes took place off the coast of Hodeida province, close to Bab al-Mandab Strait.

He described a scene of panic in which the terrified refugees waved flashlights, apparently to show they were not combatants.

Mohammed was not hurt in the attack. He told The Associated Press on Friday in Hodeida their boat had made it to about 48 kilometers, or 30 miles, off the shore of Yemen when it was attacked.

Mohammed Abdiker, emergencies director at the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, said the attack was "totally unacceptable" and questioned why there had been no effort to check who was on board the boat before it was sacked upon.

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De Boeck said 77 survivors were taken to a detention center in Hodeida.

As conditions in Yemen deteriorate as a result of the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis, refugees and asylum seekers are increasingly fleeing onwards, following established migratory routes, including across the Red Sea to Sudan with the intention of heading onwards to Europe.

Some survivors said they believed they.

The Houthis said they had shot down a helicopter gunship in the same area a day earlier, without providing evidence.

Yemen's civil war, which is about to enter its third year of bloodshed, has allowed terrorist groups including Isis and al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to seize territory and carry out attacks.

Since the beginning of the air campaign, Yemen has been under an air and sea embargo.

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