Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Peru woman escapes risky mudslide in a shocking video

Peru woman escapes risky mudslide in a shocking video

Dramatic video has emerged of a young girl nearly being swept away by a raging mudslide in Peru.

A weather condition known as coastal Nino is blamed for the massive flooding. El Niño is the warming of the ocean surface. Around 12,000 people are left homeless after this incident, and the people living downstream are still in danger.

The woman tries to get her footing on the debris caught in the mudslide.

The woman, covered in mud from head to toe, clambered over wooden crates and branches to reach the banks of the river, where she was helped by a crowd of onlookers.

Evangelina Chamorro Diaz, 32, found herself being carried away when a flashflood of mud and debris hit Punta Hermosa after heavy rain in Lima province.

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Residents cross a flooded street in Trujillo, in northern Peru.

Stunned bystanders cheered when they saw a woman struggle out of a raging mudslide.

They climbed on to a tree, Rivera told RPP radio - but the trunk broke.

Kuczynski declared a state of emergency in affected regions due to the flooding that has worsened in the past week as rivers overflowed and bridges have collapsed.

The government estimates a cost of around $250m for clean-up and rebuilding efforts.

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