Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Markets | By Erika Turner

McDonald's Compromised Twitter Account Posts Anti-Trump Tweet

McDonald's Compromised Twitter Account Posts Anti-Trump Tweet

A tweet was sent out Thursday morning from the company's corporate account calling President Trump a "disgusting excuse of a President".

"Based on our investigation, we have determined that our Twitter account was hacked by an external source".

McDonald's Corporation was quick to remove the anti-Trump Tweet from its Twitter account.

Thee tweet is a reply to President Donald Trump, and it is not very nice to him.

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According to Crain's Chicago Business, McDonald's did not elaborate any further into the supposed hack, sticking to the succinct statement it issued yesterday on Twitter. But there were also posts from Trump detractors praising McDonald's for what seemed like a brutal dig at the president and asking the company to repost its tweet.

The tweet was deleted. This way a company's social media accounts, and anything posted on them, can be shared between its community managers, copy editors, marketers, and anyone else involved to ensure nothing is published without official approval. "The strategy here is, 'How can I make my position go viral?' The old strategy is to say something that is blatantly provocative, but the new one is to hitchhike on a major brand".

However, speculation on the back of this tweet suggests that some Trump supporters could attempt to launch a boycott of the chain. 'Twitter notified us that our account was compromised. "When McDonald's let the public know that it was a hack, it came as a surprise, but... it was also par for the course". Others sad although they're not McDonalds fans, the tweet inspired them to stop in to the restaurant for the first time in years. Others have pointed out that Grimace co-starred in a McDonald's commercial with Trump in 2002.

Trump, a known fast-food aficionado, told Anderson Cooper in February 2016 that he frequently eats at McDonald's. And you can be sure that screen-shots of MacDonald's extra spicy tweets are dong the rounds of the web even after some sane person at the company took the tweet down.

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