Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
Entertaiment | By Minnie Bishop

Google Home advertises Beauty and the Beast, quickly stops

Google Home advertises Beauty and the Beast, quickly stops

The film's strength, however, comes from its characters.

Why bother making it at all, then, if it's the same?

First, there are the original songs from Disney's much-beloved animated film, and secondly, even though this story has been told many times before, it's a very heartwarming story that never gets old.

This version of "Beauty", a story about looking for the beauty within, advances the film's message of acceptance by introducing that the character of LeFou (Josh Gad) is gay.

Well, there are a few plotlines that are new, presumably placed in there to fill the gaps of the original.

Yes. As mentioned above, the movie explains what happened to Belle's mother, and confirms that Belle and Maurice came to the village from elsewhere, and why. What happened to her? Dan Stevens does a good job as the Beast, although at some points it's hard to know whether to give him or the CGI folks credit for the emotions he's able to convey; he certainly does a fine job in his brief appearances as the human prince. Things aren't helped by a screenplay that is eye-rollingly stupid at times. Could any of these be the original plot? Today, Disney's newest live-action remake is set to take to the silver screen, and the anticipation is high, especially among fans of the original. We need more Lefous in our films.

According to a report, it has kept the said scene despite being controversial.

It is so nothing, and it is barely noticeable.

Our own Peter Sciretta thinks this is the ideal way to see the movie, as it will allow you to see more of Sarah Greenwood's ornate and detailed production design.

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There's been a lot of talk about the movie including Disney's first gay character and first interracial kisses. There's even a piece of dialogue where Gaston asks Le Fou why he doesn't have more luck with women, nearly as if to drive the point home that Le Fou is not, in fact, gay.

After Cinderella and The Jungle Book got the treatment they have turned on the 1991 animation which, along with The Little Mermaid, really launched their return to glory.

In any event, does it matter?

"The movie looks great (if overstuffed), it sounds decent, and it eventually summons a spirit of storybook romance and rightness to satisfy the target kiddies". You may even find yourself singing along. Watson is decent actress, although she looks lost at times here.

So what's the bottom line?

Bruce: That's true as far as it goes, but "Beauty and the Beast" is an iconic tale that's taken many forms.

Belle shows up, and hope is rekindled as Belle and the Beast grow closer.

If you guessed that Disney was hiring the master of the macabre, Tim Burton, to direct their newest Dumbo, we'd ask if you were psychic!

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