Published: Sat, March 18, 2017
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Far-right Le Pen praises Theresa May over 'honourable' acceptance of Brexit

Far-right Le Pen praises Theresa May over 'honourable' acceptance of Brexit

But her words have failed to reassure many.

Farage suggested to Le Pen that May's attitude towards her would change if she won the French election, drawing a parallel to Britain's dealings with US President Donald Trump.

They said far-right leader Le Pen's campaign in France is better planned and targeted than that of Wilders' party, while a standoff between the Dutch and Turkish governments had given a "one-off" boost to incumbent Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte.

"Voters from the left, right and center will know to react with one concern - put Mrs. Le Pen on the side, reassure what France is, its principles but also reassure from an economic, financial, budgetary, European point of view".

"After Brexit, nothing will happen to French citizens living in Great Britain and nothing will happen to British citizens living in homes in France".

"When people live on our territory and are not criminals, they do not dispute our laws or our ways of living, our customs, our values".

A former director of anti-racist organisation Hope not Hate has described the decision by radio station LBC to broadcast an interview between former UKip leader Nigel Farage and French nationalist Le Pen as "extraordinary".

Police probe MP's election expenses as Tories accused of breaching limit
Last week Mr Farage said that if a by-election was called in South Thanet, he would "probably" run again to be an MP. This is the first time the Conservative Party has been fined for a reporting error.

Asked whether she had requested a meeting with May herself, Le Pen said she had not, but would have to meet May if she was elected.

"I'm waiting to see what happens with the French elections, because I don't fancy being thrown out of the European Union, then being told I'm not welcome here either", said one anxious British member of the Remain in France Together Facebook group. "We are old allies and economically speaking as well, we have a great many exchanges to implement", she said.

Le Pen was also quick to give assurance to the 250,000 Britons living in France.

Miss Le Pen, who expelled her father, former leader Jean-Marie Le Pen from the party past year, suggested a trade deal would exist between the United Kingdom and France, if it followed and left the EU.

The first round of the French election takes place on April 23, after which the two candidates with the most votes, expected to be Le Pen and Macron, enter a run-off on May 7.

The National Front leader said May was "inconsistent" for accepting pro-EU Macron "a key sales person of globalisation and mass immigration... because these are the opposite of what Brexit stands for and the choice made by the British people".

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