Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Trump listens - Obama never did

Trump listens - Obama never did

"If the EPA determines they are not appropriate, the agency will submit a new proposal next year". Automakers recognize this, and the Trump administration does too, so even if EPA rules were reduced, carmakers would still have to design, market and sell vehicles made for California rules.

A wrinkle in the Trump action is California, a state whose Air Resources Board enforces a waiver of the national EPA and NHTSA regulations that allows the state to set more stringent standards.

The Trump administration thinks the Obama White House sped up a review and tried to rush the standards into place after the election.

President Donald Trump tweeted about "fake news" following a report about his taxes, spoke in Detroit after meeting automobile executives and headed to Nashville for a "Make America Great Again" rally. It's a tough standard that will lead to lower fuel costs for drivers, more electric vehicles and environmental improvements. "We're going to be fair", he said. "If that continues, we'll have to recalibrate". Those states wont be directly affected by Wednesdays announcement, although EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has hinted that his agency may separately attempt to challenge those states rules. The EPA said at the time the rule was enacted that it will be "practical and feasible for automakers to meet the model year 2022-2025 standards at reasonable cost" while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reducing oil consumption, making the rules a centerpiece of President Obama's climate agenda, along with the Clean Power Plan.

Environmental advocates have already vowed to fight back against any rollback of the rules. An auto industry trade group put out a study that said that these tough rules were hurting the auto industry and hurting jobs and that these rules, essentially, sort of mandate electric cars and many more on the road than we have now.

Trump gives Central Intelligence Agency power to launch drone strikes
This would represent a major change in the way the US approaches drone strikes, as well as other targeted operations. The CIA has reportedly been given the power by President Trump to launch drone strikes against suspected terrorists.

Trump's pathological lies, his support of an anti-civil rights Attorney General, his determined illegal banning of Muslims into the US, his obstruction into investigations into his campaign's ties with Russian Federation, and continued tweeting about inauguration crowds, TV ratings etc. should provide enough consideration to Congress for impeachment before his first 100 days are over.

The most recent rift arose exactly a week before Trump's inauguration, when the EPA made a decision to lock in the fuel economy rules - the result of a midterm review mandated as part of the 2012 policy's implementation. They would bring fleetwide fuel efficiency to a projected 50.8 mpg in 2025.

A White House official told reporters today that the carmakers doing business in the USA were right to decry what was perceived as a power play by the Obama administration.

"If at that point California decides it wants to go in a different direction or if we decide we want to go in a different direction, we'll have to deal with that at that point, but that's further down the road", the official said.

California and a some states have adopted more stringent clean auto rules than the federal government.

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