Published: Thu, March 16, 2017
U.S. | By Vera Richards

Toddler killed in fire caused by hoverboard

Toddler killed in fire caused by hoverboard

More than 60 fires related to hoverboards have been investigated by the agency since fall 2015, Wolfson said.

"They heard some sizzling and crackling in the hoverboard and shortly thereafter, it exploded in flames", Brian Enterline, the city of Harrisburg's fire chief, told the Associated Press.

Enterline said a rechargeable hoverboard plugged into a first-floor electrical outlet was identified as the cause of the blaze.

Ying Jiawei, chief executive of Chic, one of the first companies to sell hoverboards in Asia, lamented to Fortune past year that Chinese factories were cutting corners with the scooters, subbing in cheaper batteries.

Ashanti Hughes, 3, died of complications from burns she received over 95 percent of her body, the coroner ruled. She was pronounced dead late Saturday morning at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

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A firefighter responding to the fire was also seriously hurt while driving to the fire.

The federal government is investigating what may be the first USA death linked to a devastating hoverboard fire.

Two people from the home evacuated to the roof of a porch, Enterline said, while the mother fled through the kitchen door. By the middle of 2016, the Consumer Products Safety Commission warned that consumers should stop using scooters made by certain manufacturers. The brand of hoverboard in the family's home and if it was one of the boards recalled by the CPSC was either unknown or had not yet been disclosed. A man and a teenage youth were treated and released.

One of the key questions, Wolfson said, will be to determine whether the hoverboard from Friday's fire was one of roughly 501,000 of the self-balancing scooters recalled by the federal agency a year ago after several models manufactured in China with lithium-ion battery packs were reported to ignite after overheating. When police and firefighters across the county die in the line of duty, there are often similar processions with firefighters and police officers lining the routes while saluting or holding flags.

"My granddaughter, I can't replace her", the girl's grandfather, Mark Hughes, told "The pain is so deep". She has been charged with aggravated assault by motor vehicle, according to Penn Live, as well as driving under the influence and other traffic offenses.

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