Published: Wed, March 15, 2017
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Not Having Children Could Cause Early Death

Not Having Children Could Cause Early Death

Parents aged 80 were expected to live 7.7 years (for men) and 9.5 years (for women), compared to 7 and 8.9 years for men and women who had no children. In the end, researchers found that of those people, it was parents who tended to live longer than non-parents. But the numbers prove otherwise, observed the Britain-based website IFLScience.

To do this, researchers studied the lifespan of over 700,000 men and 725,000 women from age 60 onward, all with a birth date between 1911 and 1925 living in Sweden, using national registry data.

At the age of 60, childless men had a 0.06 per cent greater chance of dying within a year than a bloke with kids.

Everyone may have different viewpoints on when's the right age to have a child, but one thing for certain is that despite all the hardship, it is one of the most handsome experiences. And while I may still secretly want to be that insane lady who lives past 110 years old and still calls my kids and asks them if they took their vitamins, I am also pretty hopeful that my children will want to nurture me and make sure that my final sunset years are blissful ones.

But after taking account of influential factors, such as educational attainment, the risks of death were lower among those who had had at least one child than they were among those who were childless-and more so among men than among women.

By age 80, men who fathered children had a remaining life expectancy of seven years and eight months, compared with seven years for childless men, said the team.

"By the age of 60, the difference in life expectancy may be as much as two years" between people with, and those without, children, they said.

The findings apply to men and women, the researchers claim, although fathers saw their life expectancy increase more than mothers.

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Parents who reach the age of 60 can expect to live nearly two years longer than people without children and the gap persists to extreme old age, Swedish researchers found.

Additionally, individuals who were unmarried - particularly unmarried men - appeared to reap the greatest rewards from parenthood. One may assume that all these hassles - sleep deprivation, tantrums, anger issues - may take a toll on parents' health, but a recent study done in Sweden suggests just the opposite.

It could also be that childless people live unhealthier lifestyles.

The research showed that both married and non-married couples benefited from having children, though unmarried people - and particularly men- seemed to enjoy a stronger benefit.

When it came to married with children versus unmarried, the difference in death risk for unmarried men was 1.2 per cent. Researchers speculate that unmarried men might be relying more on their children for care giving in the absence of a partner.

The study did not echo previous findings that daughters are more beneficial for longevity than sons.

"Support from adult children to ageing parents may be of importance for parental health and longevity".

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