Published: Sun, March 12, 2017
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Nina Dobrev: 'The Vampire Diaries' 'Ends in Such a Beautiful Way'

Nina Dobrev: 'The Vampire Diaries' 'Ends in Such a Beautiful Way'

She then heaped praise on the crew that made The Vampire Diaries happen, and stressed how they may as well be as blood-related as the show's plot lines. The second it appears that Damon is going to be the one to sacrifice himself for Stefan it's obvious the final twist will be that Stefan will be the one sacrificing himself instead, and in the end, that feels right. After eight seasons it looked like the brothers were finally able to come full circle in some way, even if some of the viewers were unhappy with the final outcome. In the afterlife, Stefan is greeted by Lexi Branson.

Caroline tells Stefan that she has to leave Mystic Falls with her children. Matt Donovan is running for mayor.

But Caroline is still in the dark as to how the whole Hail Mary plan should shake out: The hellfire is gone, but that means nothing if Katherine is still alive. "I was feeling epic".

Things were looking bleak at the very beginning of the episode. She banters with them, "Blah, blah, blah, devil wrapped around my finger".

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"But her departure sealed the romantic contract between Damon and Elena". 8 seasons later, some are engaged, some married and some have fetuses of their own. Damon and Elena got their kiss in the rain, and Damon promised that they'd be in love for eternity. Alaric tells her to take the tunnels to get out; Stefan says he has to try to talk to Damon. She notes that she is sure of it because any woman would because Stefan is the better man; Damon stabs her again. The fan favorite couple will reunite in Friday's series finale when Elena finally wakes up from Kai's spell.

Perhaps some of the most touching featured Nina and Zach Roerig, who shot the pilot together in Vancouver and took many a ski trip to Whistler during the shoot. Damon doesn't want to live without his brother, so he compels him to walk away. Stefan was the "good" brother, Damon the "bad", and the show then used those loose definitions to springboard eight seasons of stories that either confirmed or subverted those initial character sketches. But it was later revealed that Stefan had been taking vervain and was immune to the compulsion. "We never found the solution to that in this show, so maybe we'll see Caroline again in something new and we'll answer the question one day".

Matt stays at home, as the new Sheriff of Mystic Falls, watched over by the spirits of Vicky (Kayla Ewell) and Tyler (Michael Trevino).

In the episode's moving coda, everyone moves on with their lives, helped by the the guiding hands of those they've lost. They believe Elena has returned to them until she reveals she's actually Katherine Pierce. And it's a show that ends with a sense of what peace means, and that was on objective. Is it a dream? The little girl had a critical role in helping Elena the brothers realize Katherine was back, so it's always bothered me that she does not exist in the series.

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