Published: Thu, March 09, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

DON'T skin your Nintendo Switch — Important PSA

DON'T skin your Nintendo Switch — Important PSA

They're certainly not the easiest gadget to lug around. They don't have built-in displays, and you won't be carrying them outside with you regularly.

That's because the Nintendo Switch is unlike any other console you've seen before. Next, if you enter the wrong birthdate and fail the age verification test on the eShop, you have to contact Nintendo support to continue.

Having played with Switch for about a week, I found its portability enticing.

Sure, no one has a clue how Nintendo will handle player accounts, online features, or the Virtual Console, which are mysteries that should have dulled my Switch excitement and convinced me to cancel my pre-order. The Wii U was so cumbersome with [juggling between] the GamePad and what was happening on TV. It sold roughly 13.5 million in more than four years.

It's not yet known if the "Call of Duty" series will be available on the Switch - the same goes for "Red Dead Redemption" from Take-Two Interactive, another hotly anticipated game. The unit itself has a 6.2-inch, 1280 × 720 LCD screen with capacitive touch capabilities. The screen resolution is equivalent to 720p high definition.

The Switch has a puny 32 gigabytes of internal storage. For starters, the location of the USB charging port brings a few problems as you can not charge the console whilst playing in tabletop mode (tablet out of the dock with Joy-Con's both detached) and it's uncomfortable charging whilst playing in handheld mode (tablet out of the dock with Joy-Con's attached). Once you're back home, just slide it back into the docking station to play games on a big-screen TV.

Nintendo Switch is available worldwide starting today at a price of $299. The buttons on this controller feel more snug than the standard options on PS4 or Xbox One.

Try to decrease the distance between the Joy-Con and the Nintendo Switch console. Nintendo does sell a rechargeable grip separately.

Wikileaks releases details of CIA's global covert hacking program
Home Office, which is implicated in the dump for allegedly creating malware that targets smart TVs, has also declined to comment. Once a phone is hacked, the agency can allegedly intercept and the audio and messages "before the encryption is applied".

"I noticed earlier tonight that I got an email saying my system and pro controller were delayed to a delivery date of Monday", said one customer in a forum.

The Switch works like a traditional game console when you want that; it offers portability when you need that.

I played Zelda through most of my experience, and battery life averaged roughly 2.5 to three hours. As the most graphics intensive game among the launch titles, the Switch has a tough time keeping Breath of the Wild at a consistent 30 frames per second in console mode at 1080p, according to IGN.

Control styles will vary depending on the game. Or just prop the tablet on a table with a built-in kickstand and use the Joy-Cons as wireless controllers, just as you would at home.

The topic covers problems with characters in games appearing to move on their own; Joy-Con controllers responding intermittently; and Joy-Con controllers losing connection. To do this, take your figure and tap it against the right Joy-Con controller - that's the red/orange one if you have the neon color scheme. There is a digital content store, but it wasn't live as of publishing.

With the Switch, Nintendo is hoping "to reach gamers, families and we even hope to reach people who haven't played video games before", Nintendo managing executive director Shinya Takahashi said.

Nintendo's decision to space out the release of titles over several months means the launch lineup is very small. Nintendo got things right when they came up with the Wii.

However, this game is also where the Switch's weaknesses show up. Fortunately, Eric Bright confirmed the retailer should have more Switch consoles in stock soon.

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