Published: Wed, March 08, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Meet Volkswagen's Sedric, the lounge on wheels

Meet Volkswagen's Sedric, the lounge on wheels

Volkswagen Group has unveiled its first concept vehicle today, and boy is it a doozy.

The Volkswagen Sedric Concept might just be the most important concept at the Geneva Motor Show - this seems like a logical conclusion when the autonomous contraption is here to provide a glimpse into the future of the VW Group. Instead, the all-electric concept is supposed to operate with full Level 5 autonomy, which means the system can handle all the work, and will only pick up riders when they summon it with the press of a button.

Volkswagen has a badly dented image following the revelation that almost 600,000 diesel vehicles deliberately circumvented US emissions tests, and court cases continue against it. While the concept auto may not release to market, several functions and elements included in the vehicle may make their way eventually to VW cars in the near future per the company's CEO. Well, Volkswagen (VW) may be making your dreams come true with Sedric (for self-driving car), its new concept for an autonomous van. "The Button is the link between the user and Sedric", the company says. "The transformation of the core business and the new Mobility Solutions Divisions are the foundation for the growth of tomorrow", said VW in a statement. After piloting you to the office, for example, the Sedric could zip around town, running errands such as picking up preordered groceries or meeting a visiting family member at the airport. In addition, this will also help the German brand improve its image that got affected due to the diesel emission scandal. What really got our attention is their new concept vehicle named Sedric.

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"The future of mobility is vibrant, colorful and fascinating", he said in a statement. But Sedric can equally well be an individually configured owned vehicle of one of the Volkswagen Group's brands. The opening was created to be "wide and high, making it easy to passengers to get in even with luggage". There is plenty of room for bags and suitcases in the generously proportioned interior. Passengers will also be able to look to the windshield for entertainment during their trip, whether that's watching the world around them as they travel or using it as an OLED display to watch movies or discover new things with augmented reality. Sedric really does have green technology on board: air-purifying plants positioned in front of the rear windscreen enhance the effect of generously dimensioned bamboo charcoal air filters.

Once they're comfortably seated, passengers are able to tell the vehicle where they want to go and it will respond like a personal assistant, giving information about traffic, drive time and potential breaks on the route.

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