Published: Wed, March 08, 2017
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DC marchers plan 'Day Without A Woman'

DC marchers plan 'Day Without A Woman'

While in America we observe Women's History Month throughout March, dozens of countries around the world observe International Women's Day on March 8. And a number of New Yorkers plan to join in, via a sister event, a "Day Without a Woman".

Anyway, rather than let it bum you out that women have made a decision to avoid work and shopping, think of all the perks a man can get on this female-absent holiday.

'That's why governments, through progressive taxation measures, must raise the funds to provide the types of social infrastructure that will empower women to take control of their financial futures: this includes improving opportunities for work that is decent, well-paid, secure and safe.

The 70s brings maternity leave for women in the Australian Public Service, and equal female minimum wage. The strike was scheduled to coincide with the United Nations' official International Women's Day, which has been celebrated for more than a century.

Celebrate International Women's Day by participating in the Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk on 11 March 2017, taking place in Johannesburg. Each year features a significant theme that resonates with women and gender issues. It's also associated with past labor movements, which also fought for human rights - particularly for immigrant workers. For these women, missing a day of work can mean the difference between food on the table and an empty refrigerator.

How large the International Women's Strike will be is hard to tell, but organizers say planning is underway in more than 50 cities in the US and 30 countries around the world.

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The strike is one part of a larger, grassroots movement to keep women's rights in the spotlight as the Trump administration begins to shape policy at home and overseas.

"Do not just take any kind of woman but take the competent ones so that we can start changing that gender imbalance".

How will you be participating in International Women's Day and A Day Without a Woman?

Even though times have changed and women's mental and physical faculties are no longer questioned based on their gender, the world still have a long way to go before it can achieve gender equality, which is why we need women to push the barriers even more. Zetkin suggested that every country should celebrate women on one day every year to push for their demands.

It's important that we learn to appreciate and respect them for their role in our lives and encourage them to lead a complete life.

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