Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
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Box Office Weekend: 'Logan' Claws Its Way To The Top

Box Office Weekend: 'Logan' Claws Its Way To The Top

According to the critics, Logan is one of the best film of X-Men series as the superhero of this recent installment of the franchise is considered as the best superhero of X-Men series.

Logan premiered at the Berlin Film Festival on February 27.

Audiences came in droves over the weekend to see Hugh Jackman's final, and most dramatic, performance as Wolverine in "Logan". Though Fox has attempted to carve out a bub-less lane for the X-Men films to expand beyond the spiky haired tough guy, he's still an icon.

The box office success, coupled with the near universally positive reviews, are likely to encourage yet more big-budget, R-rated superhero movies.

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Still, the movie will feature something extra. Logan (Jackman), who no longer bears the name Wolverine, lives on the outskirts of the U.S./Mexico border with Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart).

The most exciting part of the post, at least for fans, is that Jackman openly wants to work with Stewart again. Logan, starring Jackman as Wolverine for the last time, has recorded a smashing $85.3 million from the domestic box office in its opening weekend. But it will certainly be a while before people forget the nearly 2 decades in which Jackman so effectively played the role. If the studio makes the call, its young actress is already on board to make an X-23 sequel.

The film is loaded with lovely lighting and cinematography, in some ways it feels like the old westerns in references in conversation with Laura and Professor X. We expect Logan to ride off in the sunset with the children he rescues, but we are denied that ideal happiness and instead given a bittersweet sacrifice for the future of mutant kind. The character's origin in the movie is essentially the same as this, with her being a mini Wolverine. The film concludes with the death of Wolverine, and X-23, along with the other children, heading off to Canada. In this 11 minute video, we get to see Jackman read from various scenes in the original 2000 X-Men script.

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