Published: Sat, March 04, 2017
U.S. | By Vera Richards

Undocumented dad taken by ICE while dropping kids off at school

Undocumented dad taken by ICE while dropping kids off at school

His four children are USA citizens.

"We want to be able to find resources to help this family go through this process", Mireles said.

The family of undocumented immigrant Romulo Avelica-Gonzalez sobbed as their father was detained and taken away by immigration agents earlier this week as he drove them to school.

Jocelyn Avelica, Avelica-Gonzalez's 19-year-old daughter, told LAist that the ICE agents' vehicle had been following her father since he left their house that morning.

"I never thought we'd actually go through something like this", another daughter, Brenda Avelica, told KABC. Romulo was taken to a nearby detention center, according to the New York Daily News, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials reportedly informed his family members that he was set to be deported the very same evening.

Avelica, an undocumented immigrant who is in the country illegally, was picked up Tuesday morning by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency as he was preparing to drop off his daughters at Academia Avance Charter near Avenue 53 and Figueroa Street.

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An ICE "Sensitive Locations" policy memo, which designates schools and other sensitive locations as off-limits to detentions, was first issued in 2011 and has not yet been rescinded by Trump's administration.

Is the solution for illegal immigration to tear apart functioning family units in the interest of winning political points?

Although it was not immediately clear whether Avelica-Gonzalez had any criminal record, the executive director of Fatima Avelica's school said the girl's father had a DUI conviction that was almost a decade old. "We have to be strong", a woman, believed to be her mother, says in the background. The practice is technically legal, but Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti released a letter urging ICE agents not to identify themselves as police. The children would be left in the care of Avelica-Gonzalez's wife.

"Everybody on November 9 was afraid", Mireles told LAist".

It was initially reported that Avelica-Gonzalez would be deported immediately, but he was granted a temporary stay after the Immigrant Youth Coalition organized a rapid response network to call ICE officials. If you speak now you will not know what happened to him.

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