Published: Fri, March 03, 2017
Sci-tech | By Jackie Newman

Changes in Google Play Store: New ranking system and offers in apps

Changes in Google Play Store: New ranking system and offers in apps

The Google Play store is a notoriously crowded marketplace, where visibility can make or break a game.

If you're a developer, hit the source link for more info on the new features. Developers can run sales with the original price listed, which Google has noticed causes installs to go up 3x-20x.

Game advertisements are one of the more common ads we see on mobile devices, and sometimes, they do actually work.

Mumbai: Mobile games generated over 80% of combined direct App Store and Google Play spending worldwide despite representing about 35% of total iOS App Store and Google Play app downloads in 2016, "Gaming Spotlight 2016 Review", a report by App Annie and International Data Corporation (IDC) said Wednesday. This is one of our ways to reward quality, which for games means promoting titles with stickiness (strong engagement and retention metrics) as well as a more traditional measure like a high star rating.

YouTube TV is a slick full cable television replacement
The service also includes all YouTube Red Originals, and works on Android, iOS, and Chromecasts/Chromecast-compatible TVs. The service also comes with unlimited DVR storage and the app is separated into three sections: Library, Home, and Live.

This is an area where several third parties already compete for developer attention, so it make sense that Google would join the fray. If anything, you can try something out before deciding whether you want to completely commit to paying for it in full.

The search company is also creating editorial pages for its online store that will promote games Google deems of higher quality.

Pages will be organized around different themes, and should help users get a better sense of what titles they might not have heard of are all about.

Along with the new tools, Google isn't coming to GDC empty handed on the game front. The change to Google Play Store overall, with the hand-picked editorial section, will also be good for developers because it will give them a chance to have their games highlighted and apps highlighted by the Google Play Store team. What makes Google's proposal potentially more compelling is, well, Google. This dynamic duo adds to Google and others' efforts to bring more content to the still-nascent virtual reality content space. The apps people have big engagement in will be more prominent on Google Play Store, which is basically an algorithm change.

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