Published: Fri, February 17, 2017
Tech | By Constance Martin

If you want a 2017 HTC phone, it won't come cheap

If you want a 2017 HTC phone, it won't come cheap

A launch date for HTC's upcoming mobile virtual reality headset has not yet been announced.

The HTC Vive was one of HTC's gambits to diversify from its core smartphone market in the hope of generating a new revenue stream to turn around its money-losing business. If it's not a high-end headset, and not a low-end headset, it seems like it could become a "mid-range" device. With the success of its late HTC Vive, the company has begun starting to be more VR oriented. Sources say it is a mobile device, however, indicating that HTC could be vying to compete with the likes of Google Daydream View and Samsung VR, with a device based around pairing with a smartphone handset.

The reason why HTC wants to leave Vive behind and developed a mobile version of it is because Samsung's Gear VR has been overshadowing it quite hard.

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For that reason, it's not a surprise to learn that HTC is planning to release more VR headsets in the future; but its next product is going in a slightly different direction. However, HTC's offering won't be a simple case of slapping a smartphone into a headset, instead it will be a new spin on the mobile VR concept, which we will be seeing later this year. In its most recent quarter, HTC reported a loss of $116.8 million.

Speculating about what HTC's mobile virtual reality solution might be like, we can assume from its mention of U Ultra support that it will still use the phone itself as the VR display.

In truth, it doesn't sound like this will be a direct answer to the Gear VR and other, less expensive VR headsets that rely on phones to power the experience. However, we have to wait with some patience to know what HTC is really cooking for us!

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