Published: Thu, February 16, 2017
Global Media | By Garry Long

Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom Sales Reportedly Dropped Over 70 Percent Before The Election

Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom Sales Reportedly Dropped Over 70 Percent Before The Election

"These steps stirred a huge wave of criticism and accusation against stores of taking political-based decisions and launching campaigns to boycott Ivanka Trump's products through a hashtag "#Grab_your_wallet", which encouraged customers to stop dealing with companies holding Trump's name.

Both prefer to emphasize that many remain available through their agreements with third parties.

Baio posted the tweet three days after President Trump took to Twitter to write that Nordstrom treated his daughter "unfairly" by deciding to no longer carry her clothing brand.

These announcements are the talk of the small and medium-sized U.S. industries, which look closely at the path of the big firms in an uncertain commercial landscape. Many retailers still carrying the first daughter's products have discounted the line significantly-as much as 50, 60, and even 70%.

According to Shannon Coulter, the woman who co-founded the #GrabYourWallet boycott to protest President Donald Trump and his family, Burlington had been selling 13 Ivanka Trump brand products on its site last week.

Trump spoke about his plans to slash taxes and regulations while boosting economic growth at the event, where he allowed retail execs to introduce themselves.

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Rosemary Young, Ivanka Trump's senior director of marketing, insists the company is not the least bit concerned about the sharp drop in sales, or the fact that more and more retailers are dumping its products on a near daily basis, or that it is rapidly becoming a laughingstock on social media.

Macy's was ahead of the curve on this, pulling Trump's menswear line in 2015 after controversial remarks he made about Mexican immigrants.

Most of the brands have said the measures were do to low performance of the Trump brands.

Feb 3.-Neiman Marcus Ivanka Trump jewelry vanishes from the Neiman Marcus website. A JC Penney spokeswoman wasn't immediately able to respond to questions about any Trump products in the store's inventory.

A search on Burlington's website for Ivanka's fashion line showed up the message: "We are not getting any results for the brand you've searched".

The company said her products were not selling and it was a business decision to drop the line, according to Lewis-Goldstein.

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