Published: Mon, November 28, 2016
Sports | By Brett Lawson

NBA Begins its Search for New Talent Starting Next Month in India as it is All Set to Open its first Basketball Academy in India in April 2017

NBA Begins its Search for New Talent Starting Next Month in India as it is All Set to Open its first Basketball Academy in India in April 2017

In what has been considered a very bold move, the National Basketball Association of America (NBA) has made an announcement that it will open its very own NBA Academy in India's National Capital Region (NCR) in April next year, something that should be changing the basketball lines in the future.

Funded entirely by the NBA, the academy will be responsible for spotting, training the best and the brightest potential female and male and female prospects in the sport and recruiting them from all over the country.

A very elite training school, this NBA Academy will be the fifth global academy after the three academies opened in China the previous year, and is going to be the first of its kind in India.

Starting next month, the NBA will begin its recruitment process by conducting national scouting programs, which will help them spot and select their first batch of twenty-four talented people, all of whom fall in the age group of 14-18. Said prospects will also receive both training and scholarships at the NBA Academy, with their academic education conducted in cooperation with schools. The selection process will continue latest by February next year.

In addition to students, NBA is also recruiting consultants, scouts, coaches, consultants and other relevant staff into the academy who will be responsible for shaping the talent pool.

Students who will graduate from the academy will be playing against some of the best international and domestic teams of the world, with the most promising talents getting a chance to be at the NBA Global Academy. Established at Canberra in Australia, the NBA Global Academy will function as an international hub of sorts which will train the best and the brightest from all over the world.

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Yannick Colaco, Managing Director of NBA India, speaking from a media conference in Mumbai, explained how the academy in India is set to become the biggest investment that has ever been made by the NBA on a global scale. He further added that while they have already identified 6 potential facilities in the NCR region, they will take around thirty to forty-five days to finalize the exact venue and thereafter identify and develop the potential homegrown players.

Brooks Meek, the Vice President of NBA's International Basketball Operations explained that the main purpose of the academy is to develop and grow basketball in the country, improve the quality of the players on the country's team and most importantly show the young Indians that a career playing basketball is a real and fruitful prospect - a very pursuable option and that it now has a very legitimate chance as well as a pathway.

Within the last few years, the men's basketball team of India defeated China successively in both 2014 as well as 2016.

Satnam Singh, who hails from Punjab has bagged the book of being became the first player from the country who was selected in the NBA draft. He now currently plays in the NBA developmental League for the Texas Legends.

In addition to the announcement, NBA has expressed its interest to grow the Indian prospects for basketball in India and bring forth some potential sporting talent from the massive population of 1.3 billion. The organization is full on course to reach out to the 3.5 million young population, and has held around 1500 grassroots events all over India already. It is also doing the best that it can to recruit thousands of physical education teachers and coaches and physical education who will build a reliable staff.

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